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Workout I Did: Just a Walk in the Park

When you’re injured, your workouts are bound to get changed up. Giving my wrist some rest has it on the road to recovery, but it means that I’ve basically taken off from strength training and focused more on cardio. And since it’s blazing hot right now, I’ve been sticking to walks when I hit the great outdoors.

I’ve said it before, but walking is underrated. I’m the type that will take a stroll after dinner just for fun; I find it an enjoyable pastime. Finding company for those walks is harder as my husband is not a stroll for the fun of it type — especially in the summer. So the trick I use is to make walks an adventure for the whole fam. There is a really great 2-mile loop in our area, near the Turtleback Zoo if you happen to be in the Jersey area. It loops a reservoir, it’s surrounded by trees, and it’s beautiful. Plus, it’s fun for the kids because they get to look at ducks and turtles sunbathing, and the zoo train goes right by a stretch of the trail, which they love.


Two miles is kind of perfect for my older two kiddos. My oldest has no problems making it and my 3-year-old gets through most of it before complaining. We’ll usually end up carrying him — bonus arm workout — but this time we actually had to grab the baby out as she was upset and we took turns carrying her. Chunky babies make your arms burn.

One more great thing about this particular area is that there is a great playground near the parking lot. The kids love this particular boat-themed park, so it keeps them moving because they know they have to make it all the way around before they get to play. This is called “Genius Parenting,” I’m pretty sure. All in all, it doesn’t feel like a “true workout” but not all workouts have to!

Do you have any great workouts that are good for all ages?Erin

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