3 Secrets to Thinking Like a Champion

It’s time for another installment of our exciting new series of guest posts from some of the fit pros at BeFiT. Each month, these good folks will be bringing you tips, workouts and more to help you be your fittest, such as these tips to be your best from Danielle Pascente!


About Danielle Pascente

Danielle Pascente is an established personal trainer in Los Angeles and runs her own personal training business, Pascente PT. Her clientele ranges from celebrities to CEOs, as well as large weight-loss and event prep clientele. Danielle prides herself on her “tough love” approach. As a multisport athlete, she knows discipline is a big part of any weight-loss journey. Having graduated with a degree in psychology, she digs deeper with each client and will go above and beyond to make sure the goal is reached! Danielle can be found as a lead trainer on the 30 Day Fat Burn series for the Lionsgate BeFit channel. She’s worked with some of the top athletic apparel companies such as Nike, Asics, Adidas, Reebok, Skechers, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno, Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods, Speedo and Eastbay. Danielle has a genuine passion for health and wellness, and continues to inspire many on a daily basis! Follow her on Instagram!


3 Ways to Think Like a Champion

Life is all about how you choose to look at certain circumstances. You can consciously make the choice of having a good day or a bad day. I totally get it — some days are off! I have found that these SMALL mentality tricks make all the difference in the world. They’ve helped me turn a bad day into a good one or overcome any obstacle in my way. Being an athlete my whole life has taught me many things, but one huge advantage is being able to block out negatives. You will always win some and lose some, but how you come out of it is what makes you a champion.

1. Celebrate small victories. I find the best way to actually FEEL like a champion is to give yourself ample time to celebrate your victories. Be it big or small, if you have worked hard to reach a goal, allow yourself to relish in that for a minute. I used to move from one thing to the next so fast. “Okay, I accomplished that … what’s next?” The problem is you never get a break, which will lead to feeling a bit overworked. Acknowledge what you have done, and then move forward with that same positive momentum from the previous accomplishment.

2. Move on. There will always be disappointments or losses. It’s the name of the game. How you spring back from those will ultimately determine your success. You can’t beat yourself up. Remember that every step you take is just placing you exactly where you need to be. Dust yourself off and MOVE ON. Dwelling on the negatives will lead you into a vicious cycle — one that is difficult to come out of. Practice thinking about yourself in a positive manner. “I am worthy. I am good enough. I am capable. I am great. I will.” Develop a thick skin and learn not to take criticisms too personally.

3. Don’t psych yourself out. Try to think of your “performance day,” as any other day. Don’t hype it up too much but always be prepared. Whether you are reading this as an athlete or for the workplace, BOTH APPLY! When your thoughts take you to a place of stress or anxiety surrounding one particular event, you are bound to fail. Every day you wake up, you should have the mindset of being a champion. There will be days you fall short, but waking up with that attitude is the only way a champion thinks! Preparation is key of course, but you don’t want to drive yourself crazy before the big day. Come into it with a rested body and a positive mindset.

At the end of the day, being a champion is all about mindset. If you believe you are great, you will be great. If you doubt yourself, it will show! Be confident in your abilities, practice these techniques and work towards a better you.

Think like a champion, act like a champion and try our 30 Day Fat Burn workout to have you working out like a champion!

What brings out the inner champ in you? —Danielle Pascente

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