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Let’s Talk ‘Runderwear’ and Running Socks


Seeing that we’re a blog ambassador for Brooks Running, we recently got to try some of its new gear — including runderwear (running + underwear!) and running socks …

Moving Comfort Workout Underwear Review

In the workout world, things don’t get much more polarizing than the going commando vs. wearing underwear during workouts debate. Those who like to “free ball it” if you will, can’t imagine wrapping their unmentionables in extra fabric and those in the undies-only camp pretty much think working out without them is totally and utterly gross. We’ve already discussed this topic, ad nauseam. And after years of being pro-undies, since I started doing more running and wearing yoga capris as pretty much a daily uniform (guilty, as charged), I’ve switched to the commando side of the debate.

TMI? No such thing here on FBG.

But Moving Comfort has some new workout undies out, and, well, I thought I’d give them a go. Because, hey, I’m open to it. But I feel like for workout undies to work, they need to really work. I have high standards for my lady parts. I tried the Moving Comfort Out-of-Sight Bikini ($9-$16) and the Moving Comfort Workout Bikini ($16) during workouts, on walks and just on hot, humid summer days. So they were, ahem, tested.


And the results? I don’t think I’ll be donning a pair of runderwear every time I go out, but these workout undies are awesome! The Out-of-Sight Bikini is wicked cute, and although it did tend to give me a wedgie now and again (not sure if that has to do with my rear being too big or too small or just uniquely shaped — who knows), the material is so soft and comfortable. And besides being seamless and antimicrobial, it’s virtually invisible. So, no panty lines! And no chafing.


But, for me, it was the Workout Bikini that really stole the show. With a bit more coverage on the bum for a wedgie-free time, a really breathable mesh back and no seams, it’s one of those undies that I will wear everywhere and need about 10 pairs of.

Brooks Running Socks

Do you really need specific running socks? Sure, you can go out and run in any old athletic sock, but once you take the plunge and invest in a couple pairs of specific running socks, it’s hard to go back.


I found the the Ghost Midweight running socks ($18 for a two-pack) to be my absolute favorite. They have just the right mix of soft coziness in the heel and toe with compression in the arch. With mesh zones, they’re also quite breathable for feeling so plush.


For more of a technical running sock, the Ravenna Double Tab running socks ($15) aren’t quite as plush, but they have more compression and are super lightweight. They don’t slip on the heel either, which is a MUST for me. (My heels are prone to being rubbed raw, which is never a fun time.)

And for recovery, you simply can’t beat the Run Happy Fanatic Calf Sleeve ($30 — shown above) and the full Fanatic Compression Sock ($50). Totally worth the price tag.


They are my favorite way to recover, besides — you know — a piece of chocolate, bad TV and a well deserved glass of wine.

Time to turn this rather lengthy discussion over to you guys: Do you invest in running socks? And workout-undie lovers, anything you look for in a good pair? Commando peeps, think these would change your mind like they did me? —Jenn

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