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The Four-Week Challenge to Strengthen Your Core

In case you missed the exciting news, it’s Guest Bloggers’ Week! And today Rachel Giordono — who is ACE-certified in nutrition, has been a personal trainer for 15 years and is co-owner of Compound Health & Fitness — is sharing an easy-to-follow month-long workout routine to strengthen your core!


Are you looking to strengthen your core? If you’re debating in your head whether you think it’s necessary or not, let me remind you of the importance of such a thing:

You need a strong back to heave all those healthy groceries (wink), those shopping bags, your purse and whatever else you have in tote on a daily basis. It’s like we’re a human Christmas tree trying to see how much crap we can hang on ourselves without toppling over in a single trip!

Or how about this: is your tush feeling a bit squishy? Are you abs and back resembling a breakfast option more than usual? (Yes, the dreaded muffin top!)

I could go on and on about the importance of a strong core and how it extends way beyond carrying things and appearance. This is why I’ve created a program that will help reach your goal of obtaining a stronger core.

Repeat the following workout three times a week — trying to give yourself a rest day in between. I promise you’ll begin to feel more and more like a badass as the weeks go on!

Workout Plan to Get a Stronger Core


Click for a larger size!

Are you ready to take on the four-week challenge for a stronger core? —Rachel

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    I love the challenge and I will add it to my workout tomorrow! Watch for my followup on the challenge on my blog: premofitnessblog.com

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    Having a fit body is something that everyone should be looking for. You have done it nicely to let us know about the exercise being followed to make the core strong. Just keep on providing such amazing exercises in the future as well.

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