This Is Your Body on Meditation (and It’s Incredible)

We are BIG meditation fans here at FBG. But we know that meditation can seem a touch intimidating — and when you’re having trouble squeezing in a workout, it can seem hard to also find the time to just sit. Ya feel me?

But, we have a feeling that if you check out some of the freakin’ incredible facts below from Health Perch about meditation — including how it can do everything from help prevent overeating to improve the quality of your skin to seriously bust stress in the nads — that it’ll be easier to carve out a few minutes a day to get your om on.

And just like the meditation infographic says, meditation doesn’t have to include lotus pose, chanting, an hour of time or religion. Just a few minutes of relative quiet!

Your Body on Meditation

Inspired by this meditation infographic? Try this easy beginner meditation to get you started.

Which fact about meditation surprised you? I’d never thought about meditation could help your skin, but it makes sense. Talk about a bonus! Jenn


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