Would You Rather …? Pool Edition

I recently got an email from my gym announcing a pool closure for the day. There had been a “sanitary issue” and the management was “following the latest CDC guidelines for dealing with accidents in the pool.”

It took a second to sink in: Someone had pooped in the pool.

I hadn’t planned on going to the pool that day so it was funny instead of devastating (for the kids). But I immediately forwarded the email to both Jenn and my husband — mostly because thank goodness it wasn’t my kid who pooped in the pool causing a pool shutdown. As a parent, you realize, hey, accidents happen, but usually accidents are at home where the only repercussions are that you have to wash poop off something or yourself — not that you cause widespread devastation and an entire facility to get shut down so as to not spread poop diseases. I cannot imagine how mortifying that would be as a parent; I think I’d have a really, really hard time showing my face at the pool again that season.

My husband and I, being super mature, got into a bit of a “Would You Rather” game. Because faced with these two horrifying scenarios, what would you choose?

Would you rather…

… conceal a pool poop, even if it meant you had to bare-hand a nugget?

… or cause a pool-wide shut down?

Writing this just now made me realize that it’s entirely possible that you could just swim away from your “problem” and hope no one saw but that would mean that there is just unclaimed … floating … this post takes the cake for grossness and maturity. Career high, people.

So, in the spirit of parental maturity, what would you rather do? Have you ever faced a pool “problem”? Erin

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  1. Deanna Perkins says:

    Bare-hand that nugget and let people continue having a blast!! LOL. I figure the chlorine is doing it’s job to keep the pool alge free, it’s got to kill those poop bacteria. Also, (you don’t want to think about this too much but…) think about all the other gross things that are probably floating around the pool. Kids peeing in the pool, snotty noses, spit, bird droppings…I don’t think one kids poop should cause an entire pool shut down…especially with these hot temperatures and it being so close to the start of school for many people, just saying. 🙂