14 Inspirational Quotes Every Woman Should Read

inspirational-quotes-585We’ve made it our mission to inspire our readers every week with some of our favorite and most inspiring quotes through our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ page. Why? Because we want you to be the best you, you can be. Sometimes, reading the right quote can change your life and perspective. We all have those days (or even weeks and months!) where we could use a pick-me-up.

That’s why we have put together our top 14 quotes for You Can Do It Week that will inspire you to overcome any fears you may have, realize your self-worth, and most of all, make you realize that you perfect as you are.















Which quote really struck you personally? Do you have any other quotes you love? —Erika

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  1. Patrica Afuah says:

    I like all the quotes but my favorite is by Amy Poehler. I like that one b/c we focus so much on the body part we don’t like that, we forget that our entire body is awesome. Many years ago, I wished for six pack abs and even considered a medical intervention. Mind you I had a very low body fat, I worked out almost everyday and ate well. I really decided to accept my body for all that it is instead of focusing on one part and disliking it. I went deeper, looked at my genetics, and my body type. I also focused on the amazing work that my heart does to pump blood through miles of veins and arteries, my brain to send messages to my nervous system so that I can move, my digestive system, etc etc. Not only do I practice loving all of my body, as I group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I preach it as well. Thank you for these awesome quotes!

  2. Great quotes, all of them, but I especially like the one about getting over the need to be perfect. If we have it in our minds that we have to be perfect, we’ll be afraid to start anything new. You can only learn or gain new skills by being willing to be an imperfect beginner.