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5 New Finds From Trader Joe’s You’ll Be Totally Obsessed With

And by “you’ll be totally obsessed with,” I mean, “if you’re anything like me you’ll be obsessed” because, OMG, I’m obsessed.
(How many times can you say “obsessed” in one post? I think I’m gonna set a new record.)
Seriously, I feel like I should just give Trader Joe’s all my money. Or see if they somehow have my house tapped. Because it’s like THEY’RE IN MY BRAIN when it comes to new products. Here are five of them that I simply cannot get enough of.

1. Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce

This might just be the new sriracha for me. And that’s a pretty bold statement, considering I wrote this. With some heat but not a ridiculous amount of heat, it’s oddly refreshing with lots of jalapeno and garlic flavor. I’ve doused eggs with it, put it on tacos and enchiladas (as shown above), and even topped sauteed kale with it. It rocks. Long live the Green Dragon Hot Sauce.

2. Popcorn in a Pickle

Love pickles? Love popcorn. Me, too, people, ME, TOO. And this puts them together in a combination that seems weird — and, yes, the art on the front is oddly creepy — but is totally and absolutely delicious. The kernels are popped perfectly (no small pieces), and they are covered in dill-pickle goodness. It’s like eating air-popped pickles, which is surprisingly crave-worthy.

3. Pastrami Style Smoked Atlantic Salmon

One of my favorite breakfasts and brinners is a smoked salmon omelette with goat cheese. And this new type of smoked salmon takes that favorite to a whole new level. With just the right amount of smoke and pastrami flavor, it’s pretty much healthy crack. And most of the time I have a hard time not just eating it all straight out the package. (Hashtag TraderJoesProblems.)

4. LaGranja360 VerdejoViura

Turns out, the whole LaGranja360 brand has a bit of a TJ’s cult following. (I didn’t realize this until I Googled it, but let’s just say that my household is not the only one that can’t get enough of what we lovingly call “the Granj.”) Priced at only $4.99, this (in addition to my beloved goat rose) has been THE wine of summer — crisp, fresh and a little floral. And now that the temps are cooling down and fall is knocking, I imagine we’ll give the LaGranja360 Tempranillo a try. You cannot beat the value. Cannot.

5. Peanut Butter With Flax & Chia Seeds


Siena asks: Oh, is that peanut butter you have there?

This peanut butter has been around for awhile now, but it’s quickly gone from my sometimes PB to my all-the-time PB. I put it on sandwiches, dip carrots into it, blend it up in smoothies — and eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. Salty, crunchy and filled with a generous amount of flax and chia seeds, it’s peanut butter taken to the next level. (And no xylitol!)
One last time for good measure … OBSESSED. What eats are you diggin’ right now? We may need to add these to our ultimate what-to-buy-at-TJ’s shopping list!Jenn

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