Full-Body Couplets Workout

I ask just about everyone I know to come to the Fit Pit with me. But I get it. Even though I swear it’s super friendly and welcoming and awesome, it can look a bit, well, intimidating. (Heck, I was scared you-know-what-less the first time I went!) So when I asked our own assistant editor Erika if she wanted to join me for a workout and she said yes — guys, I was SO stoked. You can never have too many friends to work out with!

The first two workouts we did together, I totally forgot to snap a photo. (Bad blogger, bad!) But apparently the third time is a charm — a really challenging charm. Here’s the workout we did. As you might imagine, it’s called Wicked Couplets for a reason.


Here’s how it works: you do 30 burpees, then 30 muscle snatches, then 20 burpees, then 20 muscle snatches, then 10 burpees and 10 muscle snatches for time. Then, rest 5 minutes. Then do the same style of rep count for the second couplet; this time alternating wall ball and pull-ups. The whole thing took us about 30 minutes, and I won’t lie, it was pretty darn tough. This was my first time doing a muscle snatch, and I COULD FEEL IT the next day. So could Erika. (She did great by the way!)

Because I know not everyone has access to barbells or has the proper coaching on Olympic lifts like snatches (they are tricky and important to do with proper form), I thought it might be fun to tweak this workout to use just dumbbells. Check this out …


Do either version and I can almost guarantee that after you’ll be feeling like this.

Erika, Sheryl and I flexing our muscles and cheesy grins.

And within 24 hours, feeling like this. In a good way, of course.


What’s the last workout you did that totally kicked your fit bottom? A couple of days after this I somehow did a 5K — and had fun! —Jenn

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  1. Deanna Perkins says:

    Holy cow!!! This is something I’ll have to stash away for reference post-pregnancy! It looks killer, but not something I’m going to try while pregnant. 😛 I can’t remember when this workout was…but it was sometime last year, I did the Warrior X Fit workout of the day and part of it was calf raises. I powered through the calf raises like it was no ones business. However, for about a week afterwards I couldn’t walk without limping. In the mornings it would take me 5 – 10 minutes just to get out of bed because my muscles were so angry at me. LOL. (I’m glad I can laugh about it now). I definitely over did it on that one!

    The last workout I did that really had me feeling the effort the next day, in a good way, would be the 15 minute beginner workout I did on the 2nd through your challenge.