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My Fitness Superpower? RuPaul Said It Best…

Weeks ago we posed the questions: What’s your secret fitness superpower? And, what fitness superpower do you wish you had? Today, it’s Kristen’s turn for this QOTW!


Reading about everyone’s fitness superpowers has been a blast. Jenn’s a kettlebell commander, Karen has a killer core, Susan is the most stubborn damn person you ever want to meet (in a good way!), and Erin is scrappy as hell. But, as much as I loved reading about everyone else’s superpowers, I really struggled to come up with my own, so, I started asking around.

I assumed I’d get lots of different answers from lots of different people, and I did get a few options — one person said I was really strong, another called me fearless, and a couple more commended my generally positive attitude. And, while I really, really liked those answers (seriously — thanks guys!), there was one that literally every person I asked brought up, and it was the one that really hit home.

I work. Hard.

RuPaul herself would be impressed.


When a coach or instructor gives me the 30-second countdown on an exercise that turned my quads to jelly two minutes ago, 9 times out of 10, I’ll give an extra push to get in as many reps as I can before time is up, even if everyone around me is slowing down so they only have to do a couple more. If I tell you I’m showing up for a workout, I will be there. And when we finish, I’ll ask you what kind of bonus move we’re doing to wrap things up. (Don’t worry — if you don’t have one in mind, I’ll come up with something!)

I try not to be foolish or unrealistic, but I also hate to back down from a challenge (as I’ve evidenced a time or two), and even if I’m well aware that I don’t stand a chance at winning or placing in a race (or do I?), you can bet that I’ll leave it all on the course … probably with a big smile on my face, because superheroes like me know that, come race day, the hard work is done, and that the event itself is kind of a victory lap to show off your strength.

As for the fitness superpower I wish I had, well, do I have to choose just one? There are lots, but, honestly, I think I would love to be naturally speedy. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to bust out 8-minute miles on an easy run, or ride my bike at a breezy 20 mph before kicking it into high gear. But I’d sure like to find out!

And just think of what I could do with that plus my current superpower! She-Ra, step aside! Wonder Woman, watch out!

Work ethic might not be the sexiest superpower out there, but I’m sure embracing it. Have you come up with yours yet? Let’s hear about it in the comments! What is it and why is it awesome! And what do you wish you could do?Kristen

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