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8 FBG-Approved Beauty Products to Try

beauty-585Hey gorgeous. Yeah, you. You know how you and your friends love to share the news with each other when you find a beauty product you love? We do that, too. The Snaps (we’re FitBottomedGirl — search for us!), texts and instant messages between us FBGs definitely include the occasion “OMG have you tried this yet? Go buy it NOWWWW!” regarding awesome beauty products, and we figured it wasn’t right to hog all that gorgeous goodness, so we’re sharing a few of our recent faves in honor of Be-YOU-tiful Week!

8 Beauty Products You’ve Just Gotta Try

invisibobble ($8 for three): The number of days per week the typical FBG goes without putting her hair in a pony, at least for a few hours? Umm, maybe one, if that. But sometimes, you need your hair up and out of the way for a quick yoga sesh, then want to let it down without having to bust out the flat iron. That’s where the invisibobble comes in. These hairties (and yep, they totally look like old school phone cords) don’t leave as harsh a ponytail mark as your typical hairtie (although, let me be honest — in my superfine hair, there’s still a bit of a bump) when you take it out, making the transition from pony to posh faster and easier.

Renee Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment ($42.50): If you’ve ever dealt with cystic acne — you know, the kind of skin supervillians that kind of grow underneath your skin, get really large and painful, but never pop and just stick around for weeks (or longer!) — you know that it is the worst. It hurts and if you’re a picker (guilty!), it’s so hard to leave it alone and just let it heal. This anti-cyst treatment, while admittedly pricey, is entirely worth it. When used on a newly formed cystic acne bump, in my experience, it can help it to shrink and heal within a week or so, and when I use it every couple of days on my problem area (hello, chin), it keeps cystic acne from forming. So far, we’re talking close to a 100 percent success rate, and I can’t stop recommending it to friends!

Knockout Bikini ($16-21): You know how we feel about workouts and underwear. And if you’re going to wear undies while sweating, it’s important to have a pair that keeps you fresh, dry and comfy. Which is exactly what this Knockout Bikini does! Super soft and with a light cotton liner that’s designed to wick away moisture, these stay in place and feel fantastic on. They are perfection in the gym — and out. (We especially love the lacy ones for rest days!)

Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil ($8.99): Wish you could clean your skin and remove all your make-up in one step that left your skin feeling oh-so fresh, clean and moisturized? That’s exactly what Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil does — and it’s awesome. You simply apply a few pumps onto dry hands and smooth over your dry skin (yes, dry!). Massage it in and then rinse with water, and you’ve got beautiful clean and make-up free skin. It feels weird when you first try it, but … it works. So. Well.

Bezels & Bytes Rose Gold Stud Bracelets ($78): If you love your fit tech but feel like it sometimes totally messes up your outfit, prepare to exclaim with athleisure delight. This bracelet is super on trend and goes over your Fitbit Flex, turning it into an accessory you want to show off. Prepare to get compliments.

Unscented Argan Cleansing Towelettes ($3.50): I’m not exactly anti-shower, but I’m also all for doing a quick wipe down of my face and … other areas that require it on days when I need to get out of the gym in a jiffy. These towelettes are durable and efficient and smell, like, really good.

COOLA SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray ($36): Maybe you put on your makeup and forgot to put on a layer of sunscreen beneath your foundation. Or maybe it’s just hella hot out and your face (including the makeup on it) feels like it’s melting. Either way, this spray is your new BFF. It’s got SPF 30 so, you know, take that, sun! Plus, it helps to soothe, tone and rehydrate your skin, making it feel better and look smoother. It’s a bit of a splurge, but for days when you’re out in the elements and want to look fresh, it’s worth it. (Especially if you sweat like some of us …)

Tarte Cosmetics Glamazon Lipstick ($17.99): One of the easiest ways to look more put together in less than a minute is with a bright, bold lipstick, but girls like us? We drink a lot of water all day long, so any color that goes on our lips has got to last (and last, and last). I really love this brand because it’s not drying or so creamy that it feels like it’s going to wipe off, it lasts for a long time, and doesn’t have any discernible taste or scent. I have it in Fierce (a gorgeous bright red which, apparently, is discontinued! NOOOOO!) but I’ve had good luck with the pigment in Tarte products throughout the years, so I’m betting this bright pink would be a winner, too.

What are your top beauty finds right now? Don’t be stingy — share with the class! Jenn & Kristen

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