My Secret to Making Fitness Stick

jenns-secret-585I wrote a post over on Fit Bottomed Mamas recently all about how my workouts have changed and become even better now that I’m a mom. But one thing I left out of that post that I later realized has been ESSENTIAL to me getting my fit groove back is my fit tribe.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s the one thing that makes pretty much all of my workouts possible, doable, fun and — as Kristen so eloquently said — my “normal.” It’s amazing what you can do when you have support around you. And for that I’m so grateful!

My fit tribe is made up of my fellow FBGs (of course!), you awesome readers, my best buds at the gym who adore Gwen, Sheryl who runs the gym and is such a great sounding board for so many ideas and a fantastic collaborator (we’re planning something amazing for January — more details to come on that in future weeks!), my family who graciously watches Gwen so we can go to the gym on weekends, my friends who don’t mind being guinea pigs, my best friend who dresses her daughter in onesies with fitness jokes on them and is also part of my mama tribe, and my husband who agrees with me that “romance” is the gym followed by brunch. That is my fit tribe! And without them, my life wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

I’m so used to all of these people in my life that sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of how damn lucky I am. I’m surrounded by so much good! But, really, without these people and this support, I’d be a much different person. So, thank you to my fit tribe. You are amazing and you mean more to me than you probably even realize.

Do you have a fit tribe around you? People who support your healthy choices and push you to be even more? If so, tell me about them in the comments — and be sure to tell them thank you today! If you’re still searching for your fit tribe, check out these tips to find fit friends. And always know that you’ve got a fit tribe here with us on FBG! Jenn

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  1. Sarah says:

    The great thing about fitness is that eventually you don’t even have to try to make it stick, it just sticks on its own. Going without your daily run or gym session feels like you’re skipping something “vital” like taking a shower. It’s so ingrained in you that to not do it just feels wrong! You just have to get through the more difficult beginning part to get to the easier, smoother sailing part.

  2. My main tribe consists of my husband and my best friend. However, it also expands to my coworkers, some of my facebook friends and of course awesome sites like this!! 😀

  3. daayur says:

    i love your articles/tips, its very encouraging and full of facts. thanks