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The Facial: An Investment in Your Be-YOU-ty!


Between the BB creams, brow waxes and blowouts, women (and some men) pay a great deal of money to get gorgeous. (Even the minimalist will spend, on average, $50 a month.) As long as intellectually you realize that spirit defines beauty, there is nothing wrong with putting your best face forward. In fact, it can be a fun way to express yourself and a great confidence booster! But while some products and services only promise that va-va-voom, others really deliver.

Nothing looks more beautiful than healthy, glowing skin and while most of us wisely avoid taking a scissors to our own hair (huge mistake!), many of us never consult a professional esthetician for skincare advice.

Hormones, diet, the environment, stress and age wreak havoc on our dermis. An esthetician’s job is not to find your perfect shade of lip-gloss, but rather to provide you with a customized skincare regime.

Trained in the science of skincare, these licensed specialists analyze your skin’s needs and address problems with pharmacy grade cosmeceuticals. Part cosmetic, part pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals are higher concentrations of active ingredients and natural enzymes that are commonly found in department store cosmetics. Vitamin C, vitamin A (Retinol) and salicylic acid are but a few of these ingredients.

Unlike cosmetics, high-quality cosmeceuticals are not a temporary fix. They penetrate on a cellular level, promote collagen growth and strengthen the skin (goodbye sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles), help minimize pores, re-texturize the skin and reduce breakouts.

What To Expect When Getting a Facial

The esthetician will first cleanse your skin and examine it using special equipment and bright lights. Steam is then applied to open and soften clogged pores.

Exfoliation follows. Either a gentle peel or a brush (or both) will be used to slough away dead skin cells.

Next up, the extractions. You can totally opt out of this, but — done properly extractions — are not painful and will not cause scarring.

Another mask (or two) is then applied that’s targeted to your specific skin needs, be that aging, dry, oily, acne-prone or all of the above. During this time, the esthetician will either massage your scalp, hands or arms while you relax.

Finally, deep-penetrating serums and moisturizers are applied to nourish the skin and leave you looking like a shiny new penny.

Pro Facial Tips

  • All facials are deep cleansing and rejuvenating. The basic or European facial will do; don’t fall for the hype of a fancy upgrade unless you’ve got extra money to burn.
  • For long-lasting results, stick with the program. The pros recommend getting a facial every month (that’s how long it takes the skin to regenerate), but quarterly is a great start for the budget-conscience.
  • If you’ve got a big event, get a facial a couple of days before. Not the same day.
  • Don’t get a facial if you are sunburned.
  • Facials are very relaxing; plan some downtime afterward where you don’t have to apply makeup.
  • And guys, if you want a smoother, bump-free shave get a facial! You’ll love it!

Invest in high-quality, professional skin care and let your natural beauty shine through!

Hair, skin, nails — what eats up your beauty budget? I will gladly sacrifice the professional mani/pedi for my facials! —Karen

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  1. Yabee says:

    Is it an absolutely terrible idea to get a facial while menstruating?

  2. Karen says:

    It’s actually a great idea! If your suffering from a hormonal breakout, deep cleaning will help to reduce the length of the breakout. And if you are PMSing like a madwoman, you’ll likely find the whole experience quite relaxing.

  3. Emily says:

    Facials are my all time favorite indulgence/relaxation experience. I always treat myself to one around Christmas, and try to get them more often. It is seriously the best treatment, especially if you’re not comfortable with a full body massage (like me!).

  4. I am definitely even worse than a minimalist!!! I try to limit my spending on anything beauty related unless I have to. I definitely need to step it up a notch however…it was a bit embarrassing when I asked my hairstylist during my wedding hair stylish how long it’d been since I got my hair cut and she said over a year!!!! Eek, I literally hadn’t even gotten a trim in a year…oops!

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