The Fix for Having No Time to Exercise

Confident And Motivated Fitness Woman

The busier we get, the harder it is to find time to commit to fitness. When you’re between fitting in a workout or getting groceries when you’re down to a stick of butter in the fridge, you’re going to choose the groceries every time. (I hope.) Of course, our schedules aren’t so dramatically busy that we’re forced to choose between a workout or basic life necessities, but that alone makes my point: We’ve all got spare time in the day.

What we don’t always have, however, is the spare energy. Or the spare desire. Or the spare bandwidth to check one more thing off of our to-do list. Or the motivation. I totally get it. With the start of the school year for my kids, getting into a groove with a totally new schedule and the days getting shorter, plus my youngest deciding that bedtime is now a two-hour event (I wish I was kidding) — I’m wiped out every single day by 8:30 p.m. I would say I’ve been struggling to carve out the time to work out, but that’s not true. I’m struggling to carve out the desire to work out even though I know all of the benefits.

I recently wrote over on Fit Bottomed Mamas about a recent survey that asked moms about the last activity they did with their kids. The survey found that most moms spend the most time doing sedentary activities with their kids. Even if you’re not a parent, you can flip this survey around so it applies to you: What was the last thing leisure activity you did for 10 minutes or more? Was it watching TV? Playing a video game? Eating a meal? Just sitting on your phone wasting time? Yeah, me too. If you answered that question with a sedentary activity, you could probably squeeze in a little sweat session instead without missing out on too much, right? I know I could. Because as busy as I am, I do tend to get stuck in time wasters like reading online or checking Instagram.

So next time you want to hit up those relaxing activities, ask if that activity will be even more satisfying once you’ve gone for a walk around the block or knocked out 20 push-ups. Or once you’ve done one of our #FBGChallenge activities. I’m willing to bet it is.

Do you complain about not having time but are able to wile away an hour on your phone texting friends? No shame, you’re not alone! —Erin

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