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9 Ways to Make Fitness a Priority

You know how we partnered with ProForm on this infographic on how to build a fitness habit, and then these tips on how to fit healthy habits in the craziest of schedules, how to make workouts stick and the habits you need to break up with? Well, today Kevin Jones is back with the final post in the series! Kevin is a freelance writer and fitness instructor/consultant, writing for companies such as ICON Fitness for both the NordicTrack and ProForm brands. Connect with Kevin online on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Your busy life needs some good old-fashioned order to make fitness a priority. After all, practicing good habits leads to good experience and great results. These nine tips are a perfect way to complement your life and introduce fitness to your day to keep you focused on your goals, plan ahead and get you the results you deserve. Because you deserve to feel happy and healthy!

1. Start Small

Before you do anything, you have to get your fitness goals in order. Decide on your goals, when you can squeeze workouts into your week, where you plan to workout, which workouts you plan to do and how often. These are the first initial steps to guide you through the next.

2. Save Time

Since you live a busy life, saving time is important. Find ways to spend less time traveling to the gym and more time at the gym. Think about bringing your gym equipment with you to work and changing there so you can get started as soon as you arrive. And think about showering at home to help you beat any traffic. The less you stress about time the better you’ll feel.

3. Work Out Outside the Gym

All your workouts don’t need to be at the gym. If you know you won’t be able to make it tomorrow, wake up 10 minutes earlier and work out before you start your day. If you need a quick pick-me-up midday, hop up and do some push-ups on your desk, add some calf raises and even some squats for full-body blood flow. The world is your playground.

4. Make Fitness Part of Your Everyday Life

The more you incorporate fitness into your regular activities, the better your body will look and feel. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from the office and walk a few extra blocks. You won’t feel it, but your body will know you’re putting in extra work and the results will show.

5. Interval Training

If you’re short on time try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Think fast-paced, minimal rest and all-out energy. Whether you do Tabata, interval training on a treadmill or circuit series, save time while getting amazing results with HIIT.

6. Lose Bad Habits

Shedding bad habits will make the difference in your fitness goal. Avoid poor posture, losing focus when you’re training and staying stuck on the same routine week after week. These small little habits lead to injury, limit your success and eventually make fitness feel dull.

7. Stay Patient

Life can go on a bumpy path occasionally. The best way to handle it is to find detours. You’ll never know what tomorrow brings, so always have a back-up plan to keep your fitness plan going. Also, keep in mind that no one gets amazing results instantly. Pace your body and your training, and know that change is coming.

8. Rest

As much as you want to work out, without rest you’ll hardly notice your progress. Aim to get a full eight hours of sleep, take off days at the gym, warm up before a workout and cool down to make sure you never push it too hard.

9. Breathe

Your body needs oxygen flowing to function properly. So when your heart rate is increasing from exercise, you’ll want to ensure that you’re breathing fully. Proper breathing makes all the difference in turning eight reps into 12 and jogging three miles versus one.

You’re all set! These nine tips will set you on the path for everyday fitness success. Grab your gear and get ready on a new path to a healthier lifestyle. —Kevin Jones

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I think the hardest part is “STAY PATIENT”.

    We all want quick result these days. That’s why we suck at doing anything.

  2. Tom Harry says:

    Fitness comes first but don’t try to do exercise without trainer. For perfect fitness, join fitness center.

  3. Great post .You have explained it really well .I am happy to visit your blog and read such a wonderful post .Keep going 🙂

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