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And I’m In Charge of the Craft

I somehow became a room parent for my son’s preschool class. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I think it went like this:

  1. I checked a box on a form expressing interest in helping out in his classroom on occasion. My schedule is flexible, why not?
  2. The room parent coordinator asked if I’d like to be a room parent.
  3. I asked what that entailed.
  4. I receive an email from the teacher to set up a meeting. I have become room parent.

Luckily, it’s not too labor-intensive a position. I put together a contact list for the class. I recruit volunteers to bring snacks for parties. And, apparently, I figure out the craft the kiddos will be doing and get supplies for said craft.

I didn’t know the craft part of the job description until the week before the party when the teacher mentioned it in passing. To say I panicked is to put it mildly. I messaged Kristen with a “WTF OMG” message. And I immediately called my mom who helped me come up with a plan. I mean, remember my train? I couldn’t fail craft like I failed train.

Now, of course, I realize that this is not a big deal. Three-year-olds are not hard to please (when it comes to crafts, that is). But as I think I’ve mentioned, life has become more chaotic since school started. There’s a lot to keep straight and errors are made. For instance, I signed up to bring a drink for my daughter’s afternoon session Halloween party — on a day she doesn’t even attend. I had to buy 19 snack boxes for her morning session Halloween party — and only bought 10 because I was thinking of her brother’s 9-kiddo classroom. (This mistake entailed me having to unload two already buckled kids from the car and go back into Party City to buy more snack boxes.) I just have so many things to keep straight — school library books due on Thursdays! Wear swim suit under clothes on Mondays! Don’t forget their morning snacks! — that having a craft assignment sneak up on me kind of put me over the edge.

Luckily, my mom talked me off the ledge and we came up with a cute craft that was a big hit:


The party was a success. I even managed to make my youngest’s Halloween costume, even if I was still gluing it the day of Halloween. I learned to always know what’s expected of you in a role so you don’t leave a classroom hanging on Halloween without a craft. And I got an important reminder to keep things in perspective and to breathe…

Ever had a craft panic attack? Now I’m already on a mission to find the cutest turkey craft ever…. —Erin


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