Foolproof Ways to Have a Fun Workout That Flies By

Wanna have a fun workout? Maddy Curley is back again — as part of our exciting series of guest posts from some of the awesome fitness professionals at BeFiT — as she shares three foolproof ways to make your workout fly by. 

fun-workout-585Once I quit gymnastics, I didn’t know what to do to make exercising fun. I had a brief stint with swing dancing, which was awesome (one day a week!), but I needed something to make working out fly by. Here are my top three foolproof ways to have a fun workout!

3 Ways to Have a Fun Workout

1. Variety. Some people love to run. But I’m guessing, if you’re reading this post, you’re like me and don’t get the “runner’s high” I hear so much about. Or maybe you only want to run two days a week. I get it! I love hiking, but I need VARIETY! Our body thrives on movements that are constantly changing things up.

BeFit workouts are great examples to provide variety within a single workout. You might do step-ups, burpees and then jumping jacks in a workout, and then dumbbell rows, air squats, and sit-ups in another. Try doing a different video each day of the week and then doing them the next week and try to beat how many rounds you did. OR … up your weight and see how that changes the workout! When things are too routine, they become boring. Shake it up. And you can still take that swing class one night a week if that makes you happy too.

Try this workout if you need some variety in your workout life!

2. Music. There are crazy studies on how music affects mood. If you don’t like the music your Spin teacher plays or the video that you’re watching online, definitely, definitely, definitely make your own playlist! Create a Spotify account (and follow FBGs’!) or find a Pandora playlist and make sure you hit your thumbs up and thumbs down button so it starts to know your style and speed.

Everybody’s favorite first date question is “What kind of music do you like?” for a reason. If someone’s music isn’t our jam, it’s kind of a big deal.

So find some earbuds you like and pump your favorite tunes. Good music will elevate your spirits and time will fly!

Play your favorite song and then try this workout!

3. Friends. Most of my friends nowadays are gym friends. It’s uncommon to make friends as adults outside of work or maybe church. But in the gym, we are suffering and sweating together and something about that is so bonding, just like in school when we all had to labor through tests and papers together. So introduce yourself to someone when trying a new class. Right when you are suffering the most, encourage HIM or HER during the workout! I bet you he/she will be jazzed you did.

Or, if you’re doing online videos, ask a friend to come over. If you’re at work, ask someone from the office to do a workout with you during a lunch break.

Even if you can only talk through brief rest periods, time will go faster knowing there’s someone going through the same thing; someone you can smile at, cheer for or cheer for you.

Ready to go right now?! Grab a buddy and some of your favorite music and try this little number!

How do you make your workouts fly by? I’m always on the search for more fun workouts! —Maddy Curley

About Maddy Curley

Maddy Curley became CrossFit certified in October 2008. Maddy is currently on the Level 1 Seminar Staff and the CrossFit Gymnastics staff and loves to coach. Before that, she coached gymnasts from age 2 to 65 for more than 10 years and earned a full gymnastics scholarship at the University of North Carolina, was a four-time Academic All-American and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She has since used her knowledge of body-weight conditioning and Olympic lifting to coach countless people into shape. She believes in helping people achieve their goals!

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