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How to Give a Fitness Gift and Not Look Like an A-hole


We are people who love receiving fitness gifts for the holidays. Gym membership? Protein powder? Fitness activity tracker? Funny fitness shirts? Sign. Us. Up. And we also love gifting all things workout-related. But we know that doing so can be a bit, well, dicey. After all, you don’t want to be the jerk who gives something fitness-y and then makes the person feel like you’re saying that they need to do something that they’re not doing already … like go to the gym, or eat healthier or be funnier. Because, we can all agree that giving fitness gifts is about giving awesomeness and not judgey-ness, right?

So, how the freak do you give a fitness gift without it being perceived as a “you-should-do-this” kinda thing? Oh, we have tips.

Step 1: Make sure the person actually wants fitness gifts.

This kind of goes without saying, but although you really, really love all things fitness-related and want to give the gift of health, that doesn’t mean everyone does. And gift giving should be about the person you’re giving something to — not you. So hold back the inner health pioneer in yourself (believe me, we understand — we want to make EVERYONE healthier, too!) and make 100 percent certain that your recipient really does want those compression socks and that giant big-ass salad bowl.

Also, if you’re going to gift workout clothes, make sure the size is right. There’s nothing more awkward than giving them something they have to return to get a bigger size for, especially if they are trying to lose weight.

2. Pick fitness gifts that aren’t tied specifically to weight-loss.

Even if your gift recipient is trying to lose weight, it’s best to leave the whole topic of weight-loss out of the holiday gift-giving process. (So a diet book or scale? Totally out of the question for a variety of reasons — unless it’s this book, of course.) Instead, consider fitness gifts that will help inspire and motivate them to have fun with fitness and healthy eating.

You can check out all of our gift guides here and definitely also consider gifting one of those monthly subscription boxes or fitness concierge services — they’re like having Christmas come every month. Most offer gift subscriptions last anywhere from one month to 12. Here are a few of our faves:

  • StrengthCrate and BuffBoxx: Best for weight-lifters and those smitten with CrossFit.
  • BuluBox: Great for those just getting started on their healthy journey (and you can get 50% off with coupon “FBG411” — we’re an affiliate).
  • SweatStyle: Fantastic for women who love their athleisure wear, but don’t always want to go out shopping.
  • FabFitFun: We love this one so much we’re an affiliate. Perfect for those who love fit fashion and beauty.
  • Cairn: Get this one for the outdoor-adventure lovers in your life.
  • Bestowed & Women’s Health Box: Give a subscription to Women’s Health magazine and healthy snacks. Great for the fit foodie!

3. Include a really nice note with your true intention.

Just so that there is absolutely no misunderstanding whatsoever, hand write a note with how much the person means to you and why you think they’ll enjoy the gift. Need some inspiration on what to write? Include one of these awesome and positive quotes.

Do you give fitness gifts? Share your experiences! I’ve found that activity trackers are a pretty good way to go if the person you’re shopping for does work out or walk a lot! Jenn

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  1. Erin says:

    These are such great ideas!! I always try to be cautious of this when giving fitness gifts, but just like you, I LOVE it when I receive them! 🙂

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