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My Favorite Mom Moments … So Far

mom-moments-585As a mom, you get a lot of moments. Some good. Some bad. Some hard. Some hilarious. Almost all sleep-deprived. And here, my friends, are seven of my favorite mom moments. So far. (I’m only eight months in!) I’m betting you can relate …

IMG_46707 Favorite Mom Moments

Seeing “that line.” And that was just the beginning. (And the end of a long, hard journey.)

Meeting her. Obviously, a life-changing mom moment. There’s nothing like meeting your child for the first time.

Actually using the nursery. It’s funny, you spend all this time getting the nursery ready and then you pretty much don’t use it for the first few months. The first time I sat down in the glider to read her a book, nursed her and then put her down in her crib, it was kind of a big deal.

That time I spelled her name wrong. On a customized baby book. A favorite mom memory? Yep, seriously. Not because the memory itself is good — once my husband pointed out my mistake (I didn’t even realize it at first), the tears were flowing. But, looking back on it, that hormone-filled and sleep-deprived moment kind of sums up how hard those first few months really were. And how I got through them with the help of my husband, amazing mom friends and support system. (And it really is funny now.)

When she tried kale. And actually liked it. OMG. Proud mama, right here. (And I know things change fast, so I’m just happy she likes veggies now … no matter what happens in the months to come.)

The first time she crawled to sit at my feet when I was cooking. Crawling for the first time is obviously a big deal, but what got me even more than that was the first time she crawled over, while I was sauteing some green beans, just to sit at my feet and play. I looked down and it was pretty much like my heart exploded with love.


Every time she falls asleep in bed with us after nursing and I carry her back into her own room. Yes, I’m exhausted and want the sleep, but when I’m carrying her and she’s so heavy with sleep and snuggled up against my chest, snoring lightly, I remind myself that these mom moments don’t last forever.

(And now I’ll just be off bawling in a corner.)

What have been your favorite mom moments? Share them with us in comments and on Twitter (@FitBottomedMama)!Jenn

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