Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Baking and Making Good Food a Family Affair

Gretchen Easton 2-585Buffy fans, rejoice! Sarah Michelle Gellar is back in action … but it’s not on the small or silverscreen. It’s in the kitchen. In your family’s kitchen. Her new company that she started with two friends (one is from Martha Stewart), Foodstirs, is super fun. And we got to chat with her about it!
The women wanted to give their children some of their favorite memories they had as a kid: baking and cooking! But, as busy mothers and women who were conscious about wanting to feed themselves and their families wholesome foods, they were frustrated by how long it took to plan their baking adventures and by the lack of quality and clean ingredients available from traditional baking mixes. So they created their own!
Foodstirs has mixes for brownies, cookies, cupcakes and other fun treats for $6.95 to $19.95. All of the ingredients are non-GMO, free of artificial preservatives, flavors and colors, and make for a fun time in the kitchen. Sarah says that they’re good for sleepovers, holidays, birthday parties or just a rainy afternoon.
And the best part? They teach kids all about the joy that is cooking and baking their own food!

Three Questions With Sarah Michelle Gellar

How often do you cook with your kids at home? Is there something you guys always make together, or do you prefer to mix it up? We cook with our kids as often as possible. We find the more involved in the process they are, the more likely they are to be adventurous (and smart) with their food choices. It can be as simple as smelling different items or as far as making the entire meal.
Do you have any tips you can share for getting your whole family interested in cooking and/or baking? The most important part is just including them. When you are at the supermarket, give them a list and have them help you pick the items. Even if it as simple as washing and rinsing fruit and veggies have them assist you. You will begin to see them really take ownership and pride of what they eat.
We’re all about being a “fit foodie with a fit booty.” What are your top tips for staying so fit and healthy — especially with a company that has so many yummy treats available? For me it’s all about knowing what is in the foods I eat. I don’t want to eat processed artificial food. That’s one of the main reasons we started Foodstirs, because we couldn’t find delicious mixes that were made with premium and natural ingredients.
Do some of your fondest childhood memories involve food and baking? Mine do. From mashed potatoes with my grandmother to holiday cookies with my parents, some of my best times as a kid have come in the kitchen!Jenn

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