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What to Donate to Food Banks — That’s Actually Healthy

Be honest: how many times have you given a can of green beans or corn, or maybe a box of mac and cheese or, say, a package of ramen to food banks?
I’ve done it. After all, you can buy SO MANY packages of ramen for so little and feel like you’re giving so much. But, really, shouldn’t we be giving the food we’d actually want to eat on the regular, too? The food that makes us feel good?
After all, here are the alarming facts from the CDC: 52 percent of food pantry clients are obese, 46 percent have high blood pressure and 45 percent have high cholesterol.
So shouldn’t we all make a point to give food banks healthier eats? Even if that means we give food that’s a little bit more expensive? We think so. And the good folks at SuperFood Drive are trying to improve the health of the hungry, one food donation at a time. Below is what they recommend donating this holiday season to food banks. Just a few simple swaps can make a huge difference in improving the health of all of us!

  • Whole-wheat pasta instead of regular pasta
  • Natural peanut butter without hydrogenated oil
  • Fruit canned in its own juice instead of high fructose corn syrup
  • Whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, whole grain cereal, rolled oats
  •  Low-sodium soups and vegetables, canned in water
  • Lean protein (canned tuna, salmon, sardines), beans, lentils
  • Nuts, seeds and dried fruit instead of candy, cookies and chips

Simple, right? And, honestly, this is how we all should be eating. This season, don’t just make a difference — make a healthy difference.
What food will you donate to your local food banks? I’m all about that natural peanut butter!Jenn

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