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Amy Dixon’s Top Spin Class Tips, Plus a Playlist

Amy Dixon 2We are big fans of Amy Dixon. She holds multiple fitness certifications and a bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology, plus she works with some of the best brands in the exercise world — including Reebok, Schwinn and Equinox. This woman knows her stuff!

As a master instructor for Motion Traxx, she creates world-class indoor cycling workouts that you can do at the gym on your own time by just downloading the app to your smart phone. How cool is that?

We were lucky enough to talk to Amy and get some of her personal Spin class tips to make your next ride the best it can be. And, if that wasn’t fun enough, we’re also sharing her personal Spotify playlist — score!

spin-class-tipsAmy Dixon’s Tips to Get the Most out of Every Spin Class

1. Focus on your intensity and pedal at a proper cadence for the best calorie burn possible. Keep your leg speed between 60 to 100 RPMs and you will in turn be able to push a good amount of resistance and produce a lot of power. The more power you produce, the more calories you burn.

2. Be sure to pay attention to your feet. If your toes are pointed during your pedal stroke or your hips are bouncing in the saddle, you don’t have on enough resistance. And on the flip side, if your pedal stroke looks more like a piston going up and down, you have too much resistance on the flywheel.

3. Ride the bike for cardio and save the real strength training for the floor. There is a big trend selling a “total-body” workout on the bike. Total Body on a bike is a Total Myth. Lifting 2-pound dumbbells in a very limited range of motion will not change your body in the long run and takes away from all of the calories you could be burning turning your legs.

4. Arrive early and get set up on your bike by the instructor. Proper bike fit can keep you injury free and can help you push more. And when you use more power you burn more calories!

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Amy Dixon’s Spin Class Playlist

Follow me on Motion Traxx or Spotify (@amyhdixon) to see a big list of the music that I use for classes. Click here for my most recent workout playlist!

Thanks, Amy! So tell us: What are YOUR best tips for getting the most out of your Spin class? And what songs do you love to cycle to? —Margo

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