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Workout I Did: Bring Sally Up Challenge

As someone who’s competed in races lasting more than six hours, I tend to think I can handle just about anything for just a few minutes. And normally, that’s pretty true, but at times, it’s more difficult — and that was the case the day I was introduced to the Bring Sally Up Challenge.

I had attended my first boxing circuit workout in … well, a lot of years, and really dug it. At the very end, the coach had us all get on the ground as he reached for the music, and of course, I was thinking, “Woot! Cool down time!” But when every single other person in the room groaned in unison, I realized we probably weren’t done just yet. As it turned out, we had about three and a half more minutes of work to do in the form of double straight leg raises. (Not sure what that is? Visual below the video!)

Like the Roxanne burpee challenge, the Sally challenge is based on a song — Flower, by Moby — and, in this case, you actually follow along with the lyrics:


Bring Sally up: Lift your feet up to 90 degrees, keeping your legs straight.

And bring Sally down: With straight legs, lower your feet until your heels are hovering just above the ground.

Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground: Lift those legs back up and hold until the next line of the song.


I learned, after the fact, that this is a pretty common song, and that lots of gyms do different moves to it, which got me thinking that it’s really a great song to have ready to go whenever you’d like to get your strength work on but only have about five minutes! Obviously, I dug the double straight leg raises, but a few other excellent ideas are:

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges (walking or switch legs halfway through the song)
  • Overhead press
  • V-ups (OMG, if you can make it the whole way through the song doing this, you are my new religion — and make sure you do this on a good cushy yoga mat like this one!)

What move would you most love-hate to do to this song? Kristen

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