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Go Ahead and FK With Me

A couple of weeks ago, I was out running errands with Jared when I realized I was about 10 minutes away from hangry. And, of course, that meant that I not only needed to find food — quickly — but that I needed to seek out a place that made it easy to make some healthy choices, because I don’t know about you, but when I’m bordering on hangry, I don’t usually find myself opting for the carrot sticks over cheese fries.
As it turned out, we were near a new fast-casual restaurant called Fresh Kitchen — I’d read about it in a local magazine just a few days earlier and was intrigued, so the decision to pop in was a no-brainer.

fresh kitchen

A few fun snaps from FK. Doesn’t it look like someplace you’d like to sit and share a meal with your foodie friends?

The restaurant was airy, bright and seriously hip, and the concept is right on point for healthy foodies. It follows your traditional fast-casual format (you stand in line, order as you go down the counter), and you can build bowls of various sizes and with different ingredients. A Four Bowl (which is what I got, and it was plenty) gives you two bases, one veggie and one protein. A Six Bowl doubles up the protein and veggies. You can also get a Greens Bowl with two mixed greens, two veggies, a protein and salsa.
And I’ve gotta talk about those bases, veggies and proteins a minute. Because I don’t eat meat (other than seafood) and typically try to opt for the healthier options on a menu, I often find my choices pretty limited. Not here. My options on the day I visited (because I know they change) were:
fresh kitchen four bowl

My meal. Yum, right?

Bases: Brown rice, perfect spice rice, romaine and summer salad, sweet potato noodle, sweet potato mash, coconut ginger rice, and my two picks, kale slaw and veggie quinoa
VeggiesParmesan broccoli, roasted mushrooms, sesame green beans, roasted Brussels sprouts and, my pick, honey ginger carrots (you know how I love my ginger!)
Proteins: BBQ chicken, baked almond chicken, grilled citrus chicken, chia seed tuna poke, herb grilled steak, and, my choice, chia seed teriyaki tofu
Sauces: Holy kale, creamy white ginger, herb balsamic vinaigrette, cucumber jalapeno, and, the option I couldn’t say no to: coconut sriracha
If you don’t feel like coming up with your own bowl, they also have a list of chef-recommended combos. Plus, there are fresh, cold-pressed juices, lemonades, nut mylks and teas. Also, Paleo cookies! Which I was too stuffed to try, but hey, I had to leave something for next time, right?
Now, while the food was seriously delicious, I’m not going to lie — the restaurant’s marketing sealed the deal. I love a good play on profanity, and they play up the #GiveaFK marketing in a way that makes my inner 12-year-old giggle.
What’s your favorite fast-casual restaurant? I’ve been known to hit my local Moe’s pretty regularly, but I think Fresh Kitchen is going to find its way into the rotation … at least when I find myself on that side of town! Kristen

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  1. Polly says:

    I love FK but I’m disappointed they don’t provide their nutrition information. It’s great that it’s GF, DF and sugar-free (in lots of cases) but I’m thinking it may be pretty high in calories and that’s what I need to watch. I’ve found some items online but not sure how accurate they are.

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