A True Feel Good Story About Goal Setting and Go-Getting

It’s probably safe to say that I know a thing or two about setting — and reaching — health and fitness goals. I mean, my track record isn’t perfect (and I doubt anybody’s is), but for major goals that are really important to me (like training for and finishing a 70.3 triathlon, for example), I bat damn near 1,000.

And as excited as I get about hitting my own goals, I might get even more psyched about helping other people achieve theirs. Jenn, Erin and I have gotten to do a good bit of that in a fun and virtual way though our programs on the Coach by Cigna app (don’t tell me you haven’t downloaded it yet!), and last week, I had the opportunity to take my work with Coach by Cigna from virtual to reality at an event at STORY in New York!

story chelsea

If you’re ever in Chelsea, you won’t want to miss STORY. Photo courtesy of STORY

If you haven’t heard of STORY before, here’s the concept in a nutshell. Every month of so, the 2,000-square-foot store showcases a new concept (or, well, story!), and right now, it’s Feel Good. They offer a highly curated selection of products related to the theme, so for Feel Good, the store has sections focused on fitness, beauty, sleep, meditation, eating well, etc. — and many of the products are set up in such a way that you’re able to try them out. Basically, if you find yourself in Chelsea, you have to go. Have to.

panel discussion

Photo courtesy of STORY

In addition to selling products, STORY also hosts events, and last Wednesday I was invited to speak on a panel moderated by Well + Good founder Alexia Brue. Jared Kaplan, founder of Studio 26, and Taryn Fixel, founder of Ingredient1 joined me for what turned out to be a lively conversation about setting goals and living one’s best life. We had a packed house and enjoyed a few laughs, but, most importantly, some pretty great tips were shared by my fellow panelists (and I like to think I contributed some gems, too).


I’m in awfully good company here. Photo courtesy of STORY

From Goal Setting to Go-Getting It in 2016: Takeaways and Tips

  • Taryn talked about the list (a physical, written list) she keeps of her bare minimums. Even if she is having the craziest week ever, she makes a point to at least do certain things that keep her healthy and sane, like swimming a few times a week and spending time with her niece. It’s a great concept that can help you stay on track for even really big healthy goals.
  • Jared was all about sleep. He knows from experience that a lack of sleep can be really detrimental to your health, so he resolved to get a solid eight hours a night, and even asked his friends and family to hold him accountable.
  • My top tip was probably the five-minute rule, which I know I’ve discussed here before, but it’s my favorite so it’s well worth a repeat. Whenever I find myself completely unmotivated to do a workout, I tell myself to just give it five (or maybe 10 minutes). If I’m five minutes in and still really, really don’t want to exercise, I’m totally allowed to quit. No judgement, no guilt allowed. Works like a charm! The small handful of times I actually have opted to stop after a few minutes have generally coincided with the onset of an illness, so it’s a great way to get comfortable listening to your body.

What’s your top tip for staying on track with your health and wellness goals? —Kristen

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