SoulCycle and Target Partner for U.S. Tour — How You Can Join the Workout

Attention all group-cycling fanatics and Target lovers! (The two seem to go hand in hand, do they not?) If you have a yen to try out the insanely popular SoulCycle ride for free in your town (they cost $30-plus per class and sell out in New York City, just to give perspective), then you are in luck. Target is partnering with SoulCycle to offer six complementary tickets per day in a ten-city tour to take place across the U.S. through February.


You can follow this link to find out how to register in your town. Here are the days, locations and dates to check for:

  • January 22-24: Seattle, Houston, Washington, D.C.
  • January 29—31: Nashville, Atlanta, Denver
  • February 5-7: Chicago, Miami
  • February 12-14: Los Angeles, Minneapolis

To celebrate this momentous tour, there was an amazing VIP event that I got to attend along with 150 riders in downtown New York City. The atmosphere was a combination of trendy spa meets nightclub —meaning very convivial and fun.

The crowd was psyched to be there and the three instructors and awesome DJ did not disappoint.


We rocked, rolled, grooved and danced on our bike for a brisk 45 minutes that got me all kinds of sweaty and happy. Then we had the cool down song which brought the proverbial house down — because it included a famous artist!

Just as we were all getting into the mindset to finish big, we heard the strains of “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten (which is one of my favorite songs of the year) — and all of a sudden this beautiful diva came out into the crowd. After determining that it was neither Lea Michelle nor Hilary Duff (both of whom were in attendance), I realized it as none other than Rachel Platten herself singing to us all!


Immediately I jumped off the bike and grabbed my camera to take this photo for y’all. (You’re welcome!)

Isn’t that amazing?! If you live in any of the above mentioned cities be sure to check out a class if you can. In the meantime, check out their online boutique for exclusive Target and Soul Cycle gear to make you look all stylish in your group cycling classes.

Cute, right?


Have you ever tried a SoulCycle class? What did you think of the experience? I was clearly blown away!Margo


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