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Tara Stiles’ Favorite Yoga Poses for the New Year

What’s one of the best ways to welcome the New Year? With yoga! And one of our fave yogis is Tara Stiles. She recently put together three yoga poses that are awesome for welcoming a New Year, as part of her ongoing partnership with W Hotels called FIT with Tara Stiles. From beating stress to overcoming jet lag, these yoga poses will help you to feel GOOD!

(Fun fact: All photos were taken at the newly renovated W Times Square — courtesy of W Hotels — and the ball you see in the background is a spinning DJ booth modeled after the Times Square Ball!) 

1. New Year’s Detox Twist


From lying down, bend your knees and wrap your right leg around your left leg. Drop your legs toward your left side, open your arms out to your sides and hang here for a few long, deep breaths. When you’re ready, come back to your center and go for the other side.

2. Work It Out Warrior


This is a pose to work your legs and feet after all that holiday shopping and standing on your feet at New Year’s Eve parties. Step your feet a few feet apart. Turn your right toes toward your right and your left toes slightly in. Open your arms out to the sides. Sink your hips and bend your front knee over your front foot. Gaze over your right hand and hang here for a few long, deep breaths. Make sure to do the other side.

3. Eagle Waiting to Fly


An anti-stress pose for when you are stuck at the airport in layover hell. This pose releases tension in your shoulders and back and works on balance keeping you easy going and ready for your flight. Shift your weight onto your right leg. Wrap your left leg around your right leg and your left arm under your right arm. Bend your knees and sink your hips a bit as you lift your arms up to get a nice shoulder stretch. Hang here for a few long, deep breaths and repeat on the other side. This year, be an eagle, ready to fly!

4. Too Much Dinner (and Dessert) Stretch


A pose for after you’ve indulged way too much. Start seated comfortably. Open your right leg out to your side and tuck your left leg into you. Soften your torso toward your right side. Place your hand on the ground inside of your right leg and extend your left arm overhead. Hang here for a few long deep breaths and repeat on the other side.

What other yoga poses do you love this time of year? I’m kind of obsessed with pigeon pose. It just feels SO GOOD. Jenn

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