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To Our First Home

Jennifer has been busy with her newest baby — and moving in the midst of juggling her two kids. Welcome back, Jennifer! 

first home

To our first home,

I remember the first time we walked through your doors. A rush of feelings came over me. I felt a sense of comfort, safety and connection. I wasn’t from Kansas City. I was born and raised in a suburb north of Chicago, and I’d never felt a sense of home since leaving there, until we found you. Your bright light that starts at the back end of the home and slowly works your magic to illuminate the house throughout the day was magical. The outside was welcomed inside your walls, just like you welcomed us. I saw a large window with an inviting seat, and I melted. I thought about the kids I’d read a book with there and the snow we would watch fall together. Your open kitchen excited me; I saw Shabbat meals and family gatherings in my future. All the bedrooms brought out a maternal feeling that we were just touching on. After our first miscarriage, I was scared, and you gave me that urgency back. That feeling of “It’s all going to be okay.” I could hear you telling me a baby would happen here.

In August of 2012, you went from keeping two of us safe to watching over three of us. We brought our first baby home, and you went from being a house to being quite the home. Through the years, we’ve captured many memories. From the first tooth, the first crawl, that first step and even a few mishaps. You’ve provided a safe haven after surgeries and a place to have big celebrations. You transition nicely from kid friendly to adults only. In March 2015, we entered your doors once more with one more addition. We added more memories, more cries, more laughs and many more transitions. We watched our son become a big brother and take a role helping you protect this family. You’ve been good to us.

My husband and I have grown up as well in this home. We’ve gone from two kidless kids ourselves to parents who have a greater sense of what love is. You kept us warm during cold times and allowed us the space to become greater than we first were. In return, we filled you up. We filled you with love, giggles, screams and cries. We’ve put on many dance shows and sing-alongs for you. We embraced your walls and personalized them for ourselves. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have the beautiful traditions we’ve created as a family. From Shabbat meals to holiday parties, first birthdays to out-of-town guests, growing a business to establishing one, receiving good news and bad news — all of these things happened here. With you. In this home. There are things no one else will ever know except you and your walls.

As we pack up and prepare to leave you this week, I want to thank you. Thank you for your trust and your commitment to our family. Thank you for always embracing those who come through your doors. Thank you for being a place we wanted to share so many firsts in, and for letting us. Most importantly, thank you for the secrets you keep that only our family can smile about.

Did you have bittersweet feelings when moving out of your first home?Jennifer

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