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Workout I Did: The Today Show Workout


If you’ve followed anything Fit Bottomed Girls related in the last 24 hours, you can’t have missed the news: I was on The Today Show yesterday! Jenn, Kristen and I are pinching ourselves because it was so exciting, and of course such a good way to get our message out there: That workouts should be fun, they don’t have to be torture and every little bit really does matter even if you only have 10 minutes here and there. (Sound familiar? We wrote a book about that, you know!) Now, of course, your mission is to watch the clip. (My kiddos totally steal the show.) Then, commit to incorporating some of my tips into your daily life!

Your options for workouts while going about your daily life? They’re many:

Squats while doing laundry.

Lunges while picking up anything off the floor. I also like to do walking lunges when I’m going down the hallway.

Counter push-ups while waiting for water to boil.

Wall-sits while brushing your teeth (or supervising bathtime!). Toilets can also be used for tricep dips! It’s true.

Sure, ideally you’d exercise more than 30 minutes every day. But when life makes that impossible, make it a goal to be more active overall. Stand instead of sit; pace instead of stand. You not only start to carve out time to work out and make it a part of your daily life, but you have a base of fitness that can only grow! Today.com is also sharing four mini workouts I put together for when you’re at home, at the gym, when you’ve got five minutes and when you’ve got 30. Try one of them out today. How many times can I say today? TODAY.

If you missed it, yesterday on Mamas was a little behind-the-scenes post about the Today Show invading my house. Cleaning for that was a workout in itself! Enjoy!

How are you going to fit in a little activity…today?Erin

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