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Fitness Photos That Look Like Us, At Last!

I’m seriously wondering if our cell phones are tapped here at FBG HQ. Because this company IS IN OUR BRAINS, yo. It’s like they took our Real FBGs movement to get fitness photos that actually promote a positive body image and the idea that fitness doesn’t have to look a certain way, and they made it a full-out service and company, offering fitness photos that embrace body diversity! And we love it so much that we’ve become a blog ambassador and affiliate.

Because you know what? Fitness photos like the ones below are exactly the ones we want to see not just here on FBG, but everywhere.

fitness photos push

Credit: Real Body Stock Fitness Photos

barbell fitness photo real

Credit: Real Body Stock Fitness Photos

kettlebells real fitness photos

Credit: Real Body Stock Fitness Photos

battle ropes real fitness photos

Credit: Real Body Stock Fitness Photos

These fitness photos illustrate perfectly that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes. That a strong core can result in a six-pack — but it doesn’t have to. That strong arms don’t just have to carry dumbbells — they can carry groceries or babies or a hammer. The “best workouts” aren’t the ones that make you look a certain way; they’re the ones that make you feel awesome.

Ladies and gents, it’s time we took our power back. Let’s stop listening to the voices saying that we need to look a certain way to be valued, respected, attractive or healthy. Let’s stop spending our money on a media culture that is built around telling us that we’re not enough.

Let’s stop dieting. Let’s start living.

And let’s really, really crack up at this.

A huge thank you to Real Body Stock Fitness Photos for finally answering our fitness-photo prayers and to the Body Positive Fitness Alliance, who is striving to make fitness approachable, accessible and inclusive for the other 95 percent of the population who currently don’t maintain gym memberships. If you have a blog, definitely consider joining its affiliate program to snag fitness photos that promote a positive body image, too!

Now tell us, how do seeing these fitness photos make you feel? I find these images SO much more empowering than all the “fitspo” crap out there! —Jenn

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