Because Sometimes You Just Need Frozen Pizza

I’m going to go ahead and just come out with it: I know you’re supposed to like fresh pizza best. The kind that’s all gooey and cheesy and just-made and wonderful. But sometimes, a girl just needs a frozen pizza.
I don’t know if it hearkens back to my college or childhood days or what, but from time to time, for me, nothing beats a frozen pizza. Nothing.
Thankfully, I married the right man, because he agrees. I had gone to Sprouts in search of some Smart Flour gluten-free pizzas one afternoon after the company sent me some coupons. I came home, popped them in the oven and when he arrived  — having no idea what we were having for dinner — he exclaimed and literally jumped up when he saw them. “Frozen pizza, YES!”

I mean, it's hard to top this, right?!

I mean, it’s hard to top this, right?!

I wish I had it on video. It was like he was nine years old. And it was awesome.
Of course, we paired our garden margherita and uncured pepperoni pizzas with a glass of red wine and some roasted asparagus. Somewhat because we know frozen pizza isn’t exactly the most nutritious thing you can eat, but mostly because it’s also not the most filling meal either. (I need veggies to fill that belly up! And the, wine, well, we just like wine.)
And the pizza really was good! And not just in a frozen-pizza kinda way that I’m being all nostalgic about. Smart Flour began by making gluten-free pizza crusts for restaurants and now sells its pizza crusts and full pizzas in the frozen section of many grocery stores.
Made with a mix of sorghum, amaranth and teff for the crusts, the pizzas are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, feature real mozzarella and provolone cheese that is free of rGBH, and is topped with uncured, vegetarian-fed meat that is free of antibiotics, nitrites and nitrates. The crust is thin, the sauce is good, the toppings rock. It’s tasty. Totally spoke to my frozen-pizza-loving soul.
I can’t be the only one who loves frozen pizza, right? Please tell me so, otherwise I’ll have to sing this to myself every time I eat it.  —Jenn

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