Love Yo’Self Challenge: Day 6

love-6Who doesn’t want to have more fun in their lives?! Today’s Love Yo’Self Challenge with Gina Guddat, author of Love Metabolism: A Guide to Turning Up the Heat in Your Relationship and creator of the DVD fitness series Couples Workouts for Health and Happiness, is going to help you do just that. Fun, fun, fun!

The Day Six Love Yo’Self Challenge


Love Yo’Self: Start a fun fund. This can be in the form of a separate account or simply a jar of coins on your dresser. Creating a little savings for a fun purchase you just can’t resist can give you a real lift.

Love Yo’ Partner: Pay for something they would normally pay for themselves. Surprise your guy or lady by footing the bill for their hair cut, oil change or even gym membership for one month. Although these are practical “gifts” they can definitely reach one’s heart.

What will you use your fun fund for? A massage is at the top of my list! —Jenn


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