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Unloading Groceries Just Got Easier

Is this you when you’re getting the groceries?


Because it is totally me — only add a baby on my hip and it’ll be even more accurate. I think it is just one of those things we humans do: Try to get all the groceries in in the fewest number of trips. If it wasn’t a universal truth, there wouldn’t be all kinds of hilarious memes and gifs relating to it, now would there?


But I recently tried a solution to the “too many bags, not enough hands” problem, the Mighty Handle. My husband laughed at the idea — mostly because I kept forgetting to use it — but I left it in the back of the van finally and after one use I was hooked. (Er, handled?)


I had gone to Target for trash bags, so that meant that I came out with eight shopping bags full of stuff, including a gallon of milk, so it was the perfect test for the Mighty Handle. I have two to try but needed just one for the entire haul. I was able to get everything in the door, with baby on the hip, in just one trip. My circulation wasn’t cut off from the weight of the bags; I didn’t lose a plastic bag handle and have shampoo go tumbling out of a bag and across the driveway. It was a total success and took just a few seconds to put all the bags on the handle. The softer grip of the handle makes the load more comfortable to carry too.


I’m definitely a believer, and will keep mine stashed in the cargo area of my mini van for large grocery hauls for sure. Although it’ll cut down on my cardio from running back and forth several times, it’s a trade I’m more than willing to make. I also want to mention that on the Mighty Handle twitter, they mention that the product makes sure you’re always high-five ready, which is pretty much the greatest thing a company can do. The world needs more high-fives.

Do you fall into the category of “All Bags or Bust”? I’m in it now, but you should have seen me when I lived in an apartment… —Erin

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