5 Best New Protein Powders for Every Type of FBG

best-protein-powderOverwhelmed by the sheer number of protein powders out on the market? Hey, us, too. But if you’re looking for the best new protein powders to give a whirl, we have thoughts. Because we’ve tried some pretty awesome ones here of late! Here are five new protein powders that are making our smoothies a little more fit bottomed, no matter our goal.

Best New Protein Powders

1. Sunshine Protein. We’re big Kerri Walsh Jennings fans, and this new protein powder is named after her super cute and super accurate nickname: Six Feet of Sunshine. Certified organic and a blend of sunflower, pea and pumpkin seed protein, plus superfoods greens and essential nutrients for wellness, we love a scoop of Sunshine Protein blended up with some spinach and banana. Tastes like sunshine!

Best for: Vegans, volleyball fans and anyone wanting to get more plant-based nutrition in their life.

2. The Perfect Paleo Powder. It’s kinda ballsy to put “perfect” in the name of your protein powder, especially with the Paleo crowd (Want to start a lively discussion? Ask a group of Paleo peeps what they think of quinoa, coffee or alcohol.). But, The Perfect Paleo Power is kind of perfect, and with the “Certified Paleo Friendly” stamp on it, it certainly is Paleo. Made with no artificial sweeteners or chemicals, a serving of this gives you 27 grams of protein, 3 grams of prebiotic dietary fiber and 1,000 milligrams of omega-3s. And it all comes from organic whole food sources — like beef powder, salmon powder, flaxseed and kale. And the Cacao flavor tastes DELICIOUS — really!

Best for: Cavepeople, Paleo devotees or those with food allergies.

3. Vega Sport Performance Protein. Training for a big race or endurance event and want to recover not just well but awesomely well? Or do words like “BCAAs” and “glutamine” get you excited? Vega Sport Performance Protein will so be your jam. Created to build and repair muscles and reduce recovery time, down this new protein powder 45 minutes to an hour after your workout or training session and you’ll get 30 grams of plant-based and complete protein, 6 grams each of BCAAs and glutamine, plus tart cherry, turmeric and probiotics.

Best for: Those competing in endurance events and looking for an awesome plant-based recovery drink.

4. Level-1. Ice cream sandwich? Strawberry milkshake? Chocolate peanut butter cup? Yes, these are real Level-1 flavors — and they are delicious, creamy and wonderful. A mix of whey, egg whites and sodium caseinate, this new protein powder has great bioavailability (meaning you can really absorb it). And did we mention it’s delicious?

Best for: Those who love their whey protein and are looking to pick up heavy things — and like really, really fun flavors.

5. Café Latte Shakeology. You guys probably know Shakeology, but its newest flavor is like going to Starbucks — er, minus the Starbucks. Made with all the usual superfoods that are in the other Shakeology flavors, Café Latte doesn’t just taste like coffee (with 25 percent of the caffeine you’d get from an 8-ounce cup of coffee), but it uses the entire coffee fruit rather than just the bean. This new superfood comes from Mexico and India and is all the healthy rage these days.

Best for: Everyday exercisers with no food allergies looking to lose a few pounds — and who love their java.

And don’t forget, we review and write about new protein powders all the time over on Fit Bottomed Eats. Check out the latest ones we’ve tried here! —Jenn

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  1. I haven’t tried any of these! Definitely adding a few to my grocery list.

  2. Saved time to figure these nice protein powder,and i will be trying these for once to know them. I am quite a new toward these power but i think i know them the way it can be good.

  3. sam says:

    very nice . organic and Natural whey protein source which really useful for the readers.