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6 Moves for Your First Postpartum Workout


It should go without saying that the last thing on your mind when you give birth should be fitting back in your jeans or being red-carpet ready. But what about that day when your baby is finally napping consistently, you’ve been approved for exercise, and you’re ready to start getting your sweat on again? Odds are you’re not going to be up for a marathon workout session — you’ve gotta build back up!

When you are ready to exercise again, it can be hard to know where to begin. But celebrity trainer and fitness expert Ramona Braganza gets her clients back in shape with her program, which lets you progress over 12 weeks. Called 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Begone, it’s made up of three phases:

Phase 1: a 25-minute/5 days a week combination of 3 Core, 2 Cardio and 1 Circuit exercises focused on strengthening the core muscles and flattening the post-baby stomach.
Phase 2: a 45-minute/5 days a week combination of 3 Cardio, 2 Core and 1 Circuit exercises focused on boosting energy levels in order to continue burning fat.
Phase 3: a 1 hour/4 days a week core, cardio, and circuit training focused on muscle strengthening and toning to permanently flatten the tummy.

Phase 1 of the program lasts anywhere from two to four weeks and puts an emphasis on core training while beginning work on cardio and strength training. Just 20 minutes of daily exercise can be done in the home with minimal equipment — perfect for moms. The program comes with a instructional DVD and nutrition book and is available for purchase here. Today, Ramona is sharing five exercises from her Phase 1. If you don’t know where to begin with a workout routine, these are five moves you can work into your life. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

5 Exercises from BBBG Phase 1

The Bridge

Builds strength in the glutes, activates the pelvic floor, promotes circulation and provides a gentle inversion to encourage the internal organs to settle back in their place.


Lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on floor, raise hips by pressing into feet and squeezing glutes. Pause at the top then lower back to start. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

The Clam

Builds strength in the glute medius, activates the pelvic floor, and engages the deep abdominals.

postpartum workout

Lying on your side, place one leg on top of the other, knees slightly bent. Keep feet touching as you separate your knees by raising your top leg Pause then lower, repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

Alternating Heel Tap

Builds strength in the deep muscles of the core, engages the transverse the muscle that cinches in the waist and builds strength in the lower back.

postpartum workout

Lying face up hands beside your body knees bent to 90 degrees, legs raised and feet flexed. On an exhale, lower your left leg keeping the bend to tap the heel on the ground then on an inhale raise the leg. Make sure to keep lower back on the ground. Repeat on the right side. Repeat 20 times for 3 sets.


Builds strength in the back and glutes promoting a stronger spine. Improves posture.


Begin lying face down on the floor legs straight and arms extended overhead. On an inhale, slowly lift chest arms and legs off the floor as high as you comfortably can hold for a couple seconds then lower back to start. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets. 

Modified Side Plank

Builds strength in the deeper muscles of the core and the side muscles of the abs as well as the lower back.


Begin lying on your side, with weight in your forearm, knees bent stacked one on top of the other. On an exhale lift your hips pause then lower back to start. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

Bonus: Modified Plank

Perform this bonus exercise if you don’t have diastasis recti and have waited at least 6 weeks after a C-section.

Builds strength in the deeper muscles of the core and the lower back.


Begin kneeling on all fours. Bend elbows, walk hands out and prop yourself on your forearms lower hips to form a straight line from head to feet

Hold for 30 seconds then lower down. Repeat 3 sets. 

Thanks to Ramona for sharing these moves. Don’t worry if these moves feel tough at first. Your belly has been through a lot! Keep with it and you’ll be progressing in duration and difficulty in no time. Another thing I love about these moves? If your baby’s awake, you can do these while your baby plays on the floor!

Find Ramona on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you remember your first postpartum workouts? I remember getting about 10 minutes in and being like, that’s good for today. —Erin

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