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How We Try to Be Environmentally Friendly

 environmentally friendly

When you have kids, it can seem like you are single-handedly destroying the planet. First there are the diapers. And wipes. And never-ending loads of laundry. Then there is the trash, and with a family of five it feels like I’m taking out the trash way, way too often. Then there is the cardboard and gift wrap; entire forests are obliterated with a single birthday party. Then there is water accidentally left running. And the rolls of toilet paper that get thrown in the toilet because they exist and why not?

So for today, World Water Day, Colgate has shared a bit of information with us about its #EveryDropCounts program. You might not feel like that a couple of minutes of running water makes a difference, but you can waste four gallons of water if you leave the tap on while brushing. So to honor the day and encourage earth-friendly household operations, I wanted to share how my kids and I try to be environmentally friendly around the house.

How We Try to Be Environmentally Friendly

Stop wasting that water. Just like Colgate says, #EveryDropCounts. Make sure your kids know to shut the tap off when they’re brushing. Make sure they’re not flushing the toilet for fun, and if you can install a low-flow toilet, even better!

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We recycle everything, and I get my kids to help out as much as possible. When I use a can or break down a box, most of the time it’s one of the kids who runs it to our pantry to put in our recycle heap. We use scrap paper for art projects, cardboard boxes for fun and try to keep as much as possible out of the trashcan. We still need to work on the “reduce” part of the equation, but it is a work in progress.

Make it a game. Teach the kids the value in turning off appliances and lights when they’re not in use. See if you can lower your electricity bill each month. Bonus math lesson!

Compost. I full admit I’m not composting yet, but I I really, really need to start. I feel like it would save so much from hitting the trash can. The fewer bags of trash, the better.

Donate, donate, donate. If used clothing has life left in it or a plastic toy has years left, I either sell it on our town’s garage sale site or donate it to charity. I love that these items are not going into a landfill and that someone will be using them.

Hoof it. When I have to run up to the drugstore or to the bank, I try to walk whenever I have time. It does double duty in getting more exercise in my day and saving me from using my gas.

The best part about being more environmentally friendly is that it saves you money. The fewer the paper towels you use, the fewer the trash bags, the more water and electricity you save — it all saves you dolla bills. Do you turn off the water when brushing? If not, head over and take Colgate’s pledge to make every drop count!

How do you get your kids involved in saving the planet?Erin

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