We’re Loving the New Fit Wedding Trends

So, some of the biggest wedding trends of the year are things like intimate dinners (invite us, please!), cinematic highlight videos (ooh, fun) and — probably not a shocker here — a 20-percent increase in wedding services (ouch). But, one of our favorite new wedding trends from the Thumbtack 2016 Wedding Trends Report (the largest survey of U.S. couples getting married this year) has to do with fitness. Of course!



While there’s no doubt that fitness is in and of itself a wedding trend and has been for years — after all, who doesn’t want to look great on their big day? — but the thing we’re liking, no loving, is that getting fit for your wedding isn’t just about what’s on the outside, it’s also about what’s on the inside.

The study found that requests for trainers do usually focus on weight loss (75 percent), but building muscle strength matters, too, with 50 percent saying it’s important. Another 39 percent ask for nutritional consultation — and requests for personal trainers to help boost endurance, flexibility and aerobic fitness were on the rise, too.

Now those are wedding trends we can get behind! On your wedding day, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good. So rock on, fit bottomed brides and grooms!

Was/is your wedding a get-healthy starting point for you? I know for me, my wedding was truly the start of me really loving and respecting my body as it was. —Jenn


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