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Protein Oatmeal to Fuel Those Mad Hectic Mornings

I’m not the only person who remembers this song, right?
God, I hope not, because, guys, it’s getting hectic. It’s getting crazy. It’s getting wild.
And I’m not talking about a Friday night. Heck to the no, I’m talking about your oatmeal bowl. Getting protein! And totally Mad Hectic.
This just-add-water oatmeal is the stuff fit foodie dreams are made of: a pre-mixed blend of organic oats, all-natural whey protein, organic flaxseeds for omega-3s and yummy flavor boosters like freeze-dried berries, raw nuts or dark chocolate.
I’ve been making my own version of protein oatmeal for years, where I put a scoop of my fave protein powder in my normal oatmeal. But, while I’ve made it pretty tasty with the addition of cocoa powder and peanut butter, the consistency has always been a bit grainy. Like, the protein powder never properly would dissolve or mix with the hot oatmeal. But this stuff does it so well! You end up with a bowl that’s smooth and creamy and quite flavorful.
The flavors — Almond Pecan (my fave), Raspberry Almond, Chocolate, Raspberry, French Chocolate, Red Raspberry, Strawberry Pecan and Just Plain Good — are fresh and filling. A half-cup dry (makes about a full cup cooked) serving makes for a great protein-filled breakfast or snack with 14 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. It totally sticks to your bones more than just plain oatmeal. I made mine in the microwave in just a minute. Easy-peasy protein oatmeal.
And, although the company created it for “mad hectic” mornings when you want something filling and nutritious to get you fueled for your day, I still like to think it references The Urge. The urge to eat good stuff, perhaps.
And I wasn’t the only one who thought it was good.

I call this one: "Can I have a bite?"

I call this one: “Can I have another bite?”

How mad hectic are your mornings? Any other The Urge fans out there? That song is gonna be in my head all day. But, hey, at least my oatmeal is filling!Jenn

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