5 Motion Traxx Subscriptions Up for Grabs (Giveaway Open to All Countries!)

You know how we like to celebrate special weeks here on FBG, don’t ya?

That’s right. With giveaways! And today, Motion Traxx is giving away not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE Motion Traxx Pro annual subscriptions (value of $34.99) in celebration of Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week. And the even better part? This giveaway isn’t just for the U.S. … or even the U.S. and Canada. Anyone in the world can enter to win!


Now, here’s the scoop on Motion Traxx. And why you really, really want to win. Motion Traxx is a fitness app that helps people stay motivated during their workouts. The app streams soundtracks with coaching by top Equinox trainers (like our fave Amy Dixon!) combined with high-energy dance music that’s synced to the intensity of the workout. It’s basically like having a fitness class in your earbuds.

The Motion Traxx HIIT-based audio workouts are designed for popular gym equipment, including the treadmill, elliptical, indoor cycling bike, rowing machine and stairmill — so no matter what type of cardio is your jam, there’s a workout for you.


Back to being like a fitness-class-in-your-earbuds thing, Motion Traxx workouts are designed to help you stay motivated and push harder that you would on your own, so you can get fitter and feel amazing as you go through your daily life. In a recent test, a test subject was measured to have pushed her intensity 33 percent harder with Motion Traxx versus without using Motion Traxx. Wouldn’t you like to boost your workouts by 33 percent, too? We thought so.

And did we mention we love it?

How to Enter

Because this giveaway is in honor of Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week, we want you to simply share this post with a guy in your life who likes to work out or wants to like to work out. Then leave a comment below with who you told and how you told them (text, social media, email, face-to-face — whatever floats your fit boat), and we’ll select five random comments to win in about a week. To win, you don’t have to be a dude — you just gotta share the love with the dudes! (And if you tell your female friends to share with their dudes, well, hey, we’d love that, too.)

And if you win, you’ll get unlimited use of the Motion Traxx app for an entire year. That’s a whole 365 days of awesome effective workouts! So get to sharing and commenting, guys and gals!Jenn


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  2. I sent the link to my fiance! We need to get in wedding shape for our beach wedding baybay!

  3. I told my boyfriend about MotionTraxx face to face. I think he’d love it for the treadmill!

  4. I texted my best guy friend who actually teaches HITT classes in Texas he loves this kind of stuff.

  5. I shared this with my husband today. He has his earbuds in almost 24/7 and I suggested this might be a great way to re motivate his to get back into a fit mode. I thought that perhaps rather than me nattering at him to get moving Motion Traxx would inspire him.

  6. My brother’s a fit bottomed dude
    And just like me, he loves his food
    We’d love to give this app a try
    To keep ourselves both fit and spry!

  7. Told my brother about it tonight. He’s my workout buddy – we keep each other accountable, and the miles/reps go by much faster when we’re laughing ?

  8. I told my hubby – face-to-face. We have a very big hiking holiday coming up and this app would be great for him (and me)

  9. I shoved my iPad in my hubby’s face with this page pulled up. He just started running and this app would be great motivation for him!

  10. I shared it with my newly wed husband! I’m a runner and all around athlete and he want’s to get in shape too to join me on adventures!

  11. Here are the lucky winners! Congrats, all!

    samantha francucci — #3
    Melissa — #18
    SAB — #6
    Anna — #21
    Erin — #7

    Expect an email. 🙂

    —FBG Jenn