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Huge News in the Fit Bottomed World!

FBZen-teaserIt all started here with Fit Bottomed Girls. And then, once Erin got pregnant with her first (now she has three!), it grew to Fit Bottomed Mamas, too. Later, our love for fit food grew so much we just HAD to add Fit Bottomed Eats to the mix. And now, we’re about to add another addition to the Fit Bottomed World: Fit Bottomed Zen!

And, guys, we couldn’t be more excited for Fit Bottomed Zen. You may have noticed that recently here on FBG, we’ve been a little extra hippity dippity, yoga-y, self-improvement-y and relationship-y. And that’s all with good reason. As we’ve each gone on our own fitness journeys, one thing has become so, so, so very clear: health isn’t just about workouts and eats. It’s about your entire lifestyle. Your home. Your relationships with others. Your relationship with yourself. Your career. Your purpose. Your path.

And that’s exactly why we created Fit Bottomed Zen. To take that message a bit further and help you to zen out in all areas of your life. There will be tips, workouts, how-tos, guides … everything you need to help you find your flow — that magical place where you just feel AWESOME and are not just living in a body you love but also living a life you love. With a fun and not-too-serious Fit Bottomed twist, of course.

Fit Bottomed Zen will officially launch on April 4 — and you won’t be able to miss it because we won’t be able to stop talking about it (haha), but, in the meantime, be sure to follow all of the Fit Bottomed Zen social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ now. In anticipation of the launch, we’ll be sharing sneak peeks of what’s to come, fun memes and quotes, hilarious and inspiring GIFs, giveaways and even a live yoga workout. Follow now so that you don’t miss a single zen-tastic thing!

Now, who’s ready to find his or her flow, like whoa?! Less than a month until FBZ launches!The FBGs

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