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Lose Weight, Win Money With HealthyWage

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At FBG we’ve heard a million reasons that people give up on their health or fitness goals, and believe us when we say, we’ve heard at least a million or more crazy ways that people have tried to stay on track with those goals! It’s not easy stuff; we get it — the struggle IS real.

So we’re pretty excited to tell you that we think we’ve found a way that some of you may not have yet tried, and we think it’s a good one! It’s backed by science (do you even science?!) and brings new meaning to the idea of being rewarded for improving your health!

HealthyWage offers cash prizes for successfully achieving weight-loss and activity goals. What’s the catch? None really! You make  a wager on your own goal — say, $50 a month that you’ll lose at least 30 pounds within six months, and you get to work! You choose your weight-loss goal, how much you’re willing to wager that you’ll achieve it, and the time frame that you’ll achieve it in, and HealthyWage provides the incentive! There’s even a calculator that you can use to figure out the biggest return on your healthy weight-loss investment!

They provides tools, support and importantly — accountability — to help get you to your goal.  When you achieve your goal (say, that 30 pounds in six months), you win your money back, PLUS an additional prize! The research is sound — it has shown time and again that having your own skin in the game increases your likelihood of success, even more so than just the opportunity to win a prize at the end!

Genius, is it not?!

Does it work? You betcha! Here’s some proof:

Check it out: this amazing and beautiful lady, Danielle, lost almost 130 pounds!


She won more than $1,300 for her troub … effort!

And Darchelle lost 44 pounds, and won $2,000 for doing it.


And let’s be clear — this is not just for the ladies! It is Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week after all — so gentleman, we give you Greg!


Six months, 75 pounds lost and $2,100 gained!

HealthyWage is also offering a special prize just for FBG readers: if you sign up for your own personal weight loss bet by March 31, they’ll add an extra $50 to your prize payout when you win.

What do you say? Stop finding excuses and start finding your success — check it out at HealthyWage! —Jenn

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  1. iHerb says:

    This is great, i will consider using it to reach my goals. People think taking supplements will help you lose weight but the effort in exercise and eating healthy is the key. I will definitely sign up! awesome

  2. Lesley says:

    Wow! What an AMAZING idea! Lose weight and lose money! Sounds like a win, win to me!


  3. HI Jenn! Beautiful and inspiring article you have shared . These days we like to think doing anything for maintaning fitness. Your article inspire so many people who lose heart after trying no of times. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a pretty good idea and new. Interestingly, when you have to take some money to bet, this means you have entered a serious fight, your motivation to lose weight is extremely strong. Thank you

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