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Spikeball: Your New Favorite Beach Game


What’s your perfect beach day entail? Reading all day? Walking for miles along the sand? Getting out on a stand up paddleboard or going windsurfing? Playing a little volleyball? Don’t get me wrong — I can sit and read for a long, long time, but I definitely love working up a little sweat, too!

If you’ve been to the beach in the last year or so, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people playing a new game that consists of a group of people standing around what looks like a personal trampoline, but with a net, hitting and diving for small yellow balls. That, my friends, is Spikeball.


Beach day necessities: Sunscreen, cold water, and fun games. (In hindsight, some food would’ve been a good idea, too.)

It’s a bit like beach volleyball and also kinda similar to foursquare, but it gets pretty intense. It’s supposed to be played with two teams of two players, and you alternate touches, and … you know what? It’s way easier to just go to video on this.

While Spikeball is definitely not quite like anything else out there, it’s also similar to lots of other beach games in that it can be as intense as you want it to be. Feel like scrambling around, diving for the ball and getting a killer workout with your friends? Go for it! Want to keep it a little more low-key and play with folks who maybe aren’t crazy athletic? Also entirely awesome.

Bonus — it all packs up easily into a small, lightweight bag (check out the pic above), so portability isn’t an issue. And you don’t have to only play on sand. Grass would also work — just be careful about the diving, you know? Another bonus? If you decide Spikeball is utterly your jam, you can participate in (or even host) tournaments!

Does this look like your kind of game? I think we all know what my answer is. —Kristen

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