Alison Sweeney’s Healthy, Family Focused Goals

Alison SweeneyIt hurts my heart when I hear people talk about not making a healthy choice for themselves because they feel like it’s a selfish option. I understand where they’re coming from — there are times when I feel like taking 30 minutes to go get sweaty is nearly impossible because I have so much to do for other people … but at the end of the day, me taking that bit of time for myself means I can do so, SO much more for others.

And, as it turns out, doing things for others — like helping friends and family members make healthy choices — is something many of us really love. According to a recent survey by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, 57 percent of Americans feel rewarded when they do just that (and you can get more stats from that survey in the infographic below).

Among that percentage is one of our very favorite fit celebs, Alison Sweeney, and she shared a bit with us about her current goals, how those goals affect her friends and family, and the big “why” behind her goals.

Q&A With Alison Sweeney

FBG: Could you a goal you’re currently working toward? How do you work with your friends and family on it?

Alison Sweeney: One of my goals is just to focus on making a bunch of little changes, rather than big lifestyle overhauls. It’s hard when you’re a working mother to focus on your own health and the health of your kids and family. So a big thing for me is making sure our family time is spent doing something healthy. Whether it’s an active vacation, like skiing, or recognizing that a “treat” for the kids doesn’t have to be an indulgent dessert, but a game of tag, things like this keep us on track. This translates to friend time, too. Rather than catching up with everyone for a happy hour, I’m trying to encourage us to do more active things like going hiking. It’s hard with my friends living all over the country, but even sending an encouraging text or sharing our successes online helps us stay motivated.

FBG: We’re big on talking about the “why” behind a goal. Do you have a “why” to share regarding the goal you mentioned above?

Alison Sweeney: I want to stay healthy for my family so I’m able to carry them up a mountain or run a hard trail with them as they get older and stronger. Also I think kids learn by example — I want to show them that living a healthy life doesn’t have to mean giving up on the things you love. I was so lucky in my upbringing — my parents introduced my brothers and me to all sorts of exciting activities like water skiing and hiking. I want to have those fun memories with my kids and continue encouraging activities that will excite them about staying fit.

Alison Sweeney

We love getting the scoop behind Ali’s family-focused goals (get more of Ali over on Mamas here, too!). Any of these sound like things you could implement in your life? I actually do meet a lot of my friends for active outings, like a bike ride or run. (Or course, we also often follow those up with a beer … but hey, small steps, right?). —Kristen

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    Allison Sweeny is so amazing! Admire her strength!


  2. I like your story Alison Sweeney. It gives me more fresh and optimistic thoughts to live happily. Thanks for that.

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