Best Workout Songs of the 2000s: The Championship!


And then there were two. Eeek!

This whole tournament has been one exciting round of upsets after another — I mean, we had a No. 14 and a No. 6 seed make it to the Final Four! But could that really continue?

Well, yes and no. No. 14, Fighter, fell to Lady Gaga’s No. 2 Just Dance, but No. 6 Yeah! is still in the mix after beating out No. 1 Bootylicious. So, while we don’t have a Christina Aguilera Cinderella story, you’ve gotta love the fact that not a single top seed made it to the finals, right? And the votes on the Final Four round were pretty darn close, so this was quite the battle.

So, which song gets your vote as the best workout song of the 2000s? Are you a Yeah! fan or more of a Just Dance devotee? Vote for your top pick here or below, then check back next week to see which song will be victorious!

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Have you fallen down the 2000s music video wormhole during this tournament? Because I certainly have … and I love it! —Kristen


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