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Best Workout Songs of the 2000s: Final Four

best-workout-songs-2000You guys! We have more upsets in our battle for the top workout songs of the 2000s! I can’t even stand it! (Yes I can. I love it! LOVE!)

celine dion lurves workout songs

Fighter, our No. 14 underdog, is still in the running. In fact, the only No. 1 seed we have left is Bootylicious — otherwise, we have a No. 2 (Just Dance) and a No. 6 (Yeah!). These are thrilling times, y’all. (I hope you know how serious I am. Because I am TOTALLY serious.)

ART + featured (alt tag workout songs) — schedule once added please! 🙂

If you need your memory jogged about any of these songs, you can check out all the videos (plus the four that were just knocked off) in our last workout song battle post. But, if you know all the words by heart already (don’t lie, I know you do), you can vote here or below — just be sure to hit submit at the end so your votes get counted. It’ll take you literally a few seconds and you know you don’t want to miss out!

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Think we’ll see a No. 1 seed in the finals? I’m not sure … Kristen

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    Thanks! I am always looking for new songs for my playlist!

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