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Nothing but Oil: Propellant-Free Cooking Spray

A friend of mine, who is a whiz on the grill, recently spoke ardently about a new non-propellant cooking spray made by Bertolli. My initial thought: Whoa, I’m worried about Jim’s mental health and he needs to get out more!
I’ve never given a great deal of thought to cooking spray — I just grab what’s on sale. But when Jim extolled the virtues of his new find, I became intrigued.
Cooking spray hit the market in 1961 and soon became a kitchen staple. Advertised as a less messy alternative to high-calorie butter and shortening, folks readily embraced the low-fat convenience and merrily sprayed away.

olive oil cooking spray review

If you’re a fan of the flame-toasted burger bun, you’ll love Bertolli 100% Olive Oil Spray. Forget the butter; spray directly on the bun and grill away!

But to get the stuff out of the can a propellant is added. And although the good ol’ FDA has deemed cooking spray to be safe for consumption, the propellant of choice is often butane, isobutane or propane. Yep, the same petroleum-derived products you use to start a fire.

Propellant-Free Cooking Spray Review

Bertolli 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray is just olive oil. It makes a fine pan spray, but since it contains no chemicals or additives it can also be sprayed directly on food. Spritz it straight on cooked veggies or pasta to add a burst of rich olive oil flavor; or lighten the load on your fresh salad greens with a fine mist of spray.
Bertolli olive oil sprays come in three varieties: extra virgin, extra virgin organic or extra light for a more delicate flavor. It has zero calories (as long as you adhere to a 1/3-second spray) and is comparable in price to the most popular brand of propellant-type spray.
Once I purchased a can of Bertolli Olive Oil Spray I understood my friends’ adulation. Sometimes we have to choose between what is convenient and what is maybe not so great for our health, but in this case we don’t have to!
Have you tried this product yet? I’m seriously a fan. Thanks for sharing, Jim! —Karen

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