The Hottest 2000s Workout Playlist Ever!

workout playlistWe may have announced a winner, but we’re not done celebrating our latest ultimate workout song tournament! We went through all the biggest hits of the 2000s, and we thought, hey, they might not all end up being No. 1, but they can all end up on one epic 2000s workout playlist!

The Spotify playlist below has the top 16 songs from the tournament (remember the Sweet 16?). You can grab it here, of course, but if you’re digging it, you might want to follow us on Spotify — we’ve got some pretty groovy workout playlists over there for all different types of exercise! Want to chill? Gotcha covered. Ready to sweat out a little rage? We have a playlist for that, too.

Which song is your favorite from this playlist? It’s hard for me to get past I’m Just a Girl. —Kristen


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  1. Okay seriously this is the best playlist I’ve ever seen! There’s something about 90s and 2000s music that really pumps me up during my workouts.

  2. There is a new song from DYSON, Up All Night that is really really great for working out! You should check it out (on Spotify) and list it for the summerworkout playlist 2016