The Best Workout Song of the 2000s Is …

just danceIt’s been a long road, but after a couple of months and thousands of votes, we’re ready to announce which sweet jam is the best workout song of the 2000s: Yeah! or Just Dance.

Well, almost ready. First, let’s take a quick look at how this tournament shook out, because there were some exciting upsets! We had a No. 14 seed, Fighter, make it all the way to the Final Four, which delighted us to no end, and not only did No. 6 Poker Face climb all the way to the Elite Eight, but we even have a No. 6 seed — Yeah— in the finals! Not a single No. 1 song made it all the way to the top, either, as our other contender for the championship is No. 2 Just Dance. So, yeah, we’ve had some pretty fun upsets around here.

But did they continue once No. 6 Yeah! went up against No. 2 Just Dance?

It was really, really close — 52% vs. 48% — but here’s our winner!

Just Dance, Lady Gaga

You heard the lady. When Gaga tells you to just dance, you dance! Kristen


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