Pocketed Armpits and Other Ridiculous Things to Work Toward

I remember the first time I heard about women coveting the thigh gap. And fitting behind a piece of paper (which we spoofed, of course). I was just confused. Like, WHY?! We all come in different shapes and sizes and while you can eat right and work out and change your shape a little, you still are working with what your mama gave you. And that’s a beautiful thing — a thing that you shouldn’t fight against but rather embrace. Plus, those “ideal” views of beauty are constantly changing. What’s in today may be out tomorrow, so why put your self confidence into something so fleeting and totally random?

Case in point, pocketed armpits. Which are apparently a thing.

pocketed armpits

I recently was at the gym, and Sheryl asked me if I had them.

Um, is that a really bad band name?

Turns out it’s not, and turns out I do have them. Who knew. Pocketed armpits are when your armpit, well, forms a deep pocket. It basically requires you to have some muscle up top and a wider chest. And while I do lift weights and do pull-ups and all that jazz, I know for a fact that I’ve had pocketed armpits since I was a teen. I vividly remember trying on a bikini at The Limited (that dates me) and not wanting to wear a triangle top because I thought that my chest looked too wide and not feminine enough. Because of this, I didn’t even try on another triangle top swimsuit until just a few years ago.

Remember what I just said about those changing views of beauty? Hashtag truth.

Of course, Sheryl and I had a robust discussion about how ridiculous the whole pocketed armpit thing was, and then I talked to Erin and Kristen about it, too. And it got us all thinking (and laughing — nothing like texting your friends photos of your armpits on a random Tuesday morning). What other ridiculous things could one aspire to that really have little to do with anything else but genetics? Here are a few of our favorites …

Other Ridiculous Attributes to Strive For

  1. Attached earlobes
  2. Outie belly button
  3. Double jointedness
  4. Being able to wiggle your ears
  5. Unibrow
  6. Being able to easily do the splits (like, without ever stretching regularly)
  7. Widow’s peak
  8. Touching your nose with your tongue
  9. Raising one eyebrow
  10. Deep nail beds

What other ridiculous attributes would you add to our list? I just keep trying for an outie, but dang it, I just can’t get good results from my belly button. (LOL forever.) Jenn

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  1. Bwahahaha, pocketed armpits?!?!?!?! I’ve never heard of such a thing. *Literally LOL*. I honestly can’t think of any to add to your list, but I still always love and appreciate you ladies discussing the fact that everyone has their own body type and that it’s beautiful! Not everyone is going to fit into a certain bubble, and the sooner we can all embrace the reality that is our body, the sooner we can embrace and love the s**t out of it. 😀

    BTW, nice guns Jenn!! Now that I’m back to really working out, I’m doing a lot of upper body strength training. My first two fitness goals are to be able to do 10 consecutive guy push-ups in a row and be able to do a pull-up…then I’m going to work up from there. 😀

  2. Love this post! It is crazy how we can hyper focus on something like… our armpits… which nobody really sees… much like the 4″ x 2″ area below the belly button so often called, “THIS!” (As in, I wanna get rid of “THIS”). Love yourselves! Every dimple, freckle, mole, and curly or straight hair is what makes YOU! Smile big and know that a smile is what everyone will see… not your armpit.