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Shiva Rea’s Secret to Being Truly Happy and Fulfilled

Shiva2Shiva Rea is our spirit animal. We mean, seriously. When we think of zen and being in flow, she’s the first person who comes to mind. And we’re pretty sure that if you look up “the real-deal” in the spiritual dictionary, you’ll find a picture of her. (I mean, just look at all of this great authenticity she’s shared with us over the years on FBG and even Eats.) So we are SUPER honored that she agreed to do a Q&A with us to help celebrate Zen’s launch. And, even better, so grateful that she shared her secrets to finding true and real happiness!

Shiva Rea

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

I try to stay in the dreamtime awareness before I start thinking, cuddle with my man, do yoga in bed like a cat just waking up, and then really heart-felt prayer and try to visualize the flow of the day from within my body.

Do you have morning feel-good ritual? What is it?

Ayurvedic Self-Massage called “Abhyanga.” I love the organic herbal massage oils from Banyan Botanics that are amazing to massage into your body (doesn’t matter if you only have five minutes and fantastic if you have 20). I love to do abhyanga before my home practice.

At the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica you oversee a yoga program designed for rejuvenation and healing. What are some of your favorite yoga poses for rejuvenation and healing?

Backbends really assist in rejuvenation and healing, such as dhanurasana “bow” for beginners and Eka Pada Rajkapotasana “one-legged king pigeon” for opening your heart and transforming our emotions in the most natural and blissful way.

We’re all about “finding our flow, like whoa.” How do you find your flow? And how do you keep your life light and playful?

I basically do not have many chairs in our house but lots of movable furniture so we can go into spontaneous dance — from my teenagers’ choice in music to live music with instruments that we keep all around the house. We also use balls instead of chairs and are ready to play anytime. The key to finding flow is being open to changing when you lose your flow. All surfers know how to stay connected to the tides. I alternate all day long between focus and play, even if just for a few moments. Like now … time to go kayak.

What’s the secret to being truly happy and fulfilled?

  • Generating love in everything we do, from the everyday to what really lights our fire and passion for life.
  • Spreading love to whomever you are with.
  • Excavating your purpose and helping others.
  • Erase the word work and replace it with the garden of your life.
  • Be as affectionate as possible and express love in all ways.

Don’t you just feel more in flow after reading all that? What part really stood out for you? I really want to create a similar feel-good morning ritual. And good-bye “work!” —Jenn

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